Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adsense Colors

There are many conflicting thoughts about what colors work best for adsense purposes and to maximize click through rates. One of the best color strategies is to simply blend in the link colors on your ads with the main links on the rest of your site. Try to get the link sizes the same too if you can. The better your ads blend in with the rest of your site the greater the chance they will get noticed and thus get clicked on by targeted visitors.

The exact color of the ads may not be as important as the fact that they blend in. So if the links on your site are dark green then go with the same for the adsense ad title color. Also it is usually a good idea to make the url color the same as the body text of the ads as you want people to notice the ad title which is designed to get clicks.

Some sites stray from the standard black text color for content so if your text color is something else for your article text then you should also make the ad descriptions the same color too for the purposes of blending in with the rest of your site. Also pay attention to the background color of your ads. If your ads are located in a section where the background color is not white then you should change the background of your ads to match the same background color of the location that they are in.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adsense Ad Relevancy

Getting relevant adsense ads to show up on your site is very important to ensure that you get the most clicks possible. Make sure that your keywords, description and title meta tags are optimized with relevant keywords for the content on the page. Do not create a page about too many non related topics but instead focus on a specific topic.

Also make sure to create content that is in demand and for which there is a market of buyers and sellers. Most popular topics like weight loss, sports and business have tons of advertisers so getting relevant ads should not be difficult if your site content is focused in these niches. Articles are very important if you want to create good adsense income as people usually come online to get free information and then as they read some content in an article they will sometimes notice one of your related adsense ads and click on them.

Many people claim that adsense pays too little however selling products online is not as simple as it sounds. There are many challenges to overcome like the competition and the fact that for most products people would much rather just go to the mall and buy something similar and get it much faster than waiting for shipping for an online purchase. However this does not mean selling product online cannot work for you. It is ideal to do both adsense and product selling to maximize profits.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tracking Adsense Ads

Tracking the adsense ads on your site is very important as it will really help you to know how to better optimize your ads for greater returns. Google allows you to setup channels which are can be linked to specific ad units you place on your site which can then show you important tracking information like click through rates and cost per click for those ads.

If you do not have many sites then be sure to use channels for as many ads as possible. You are limited to 200 channels so if you do have a lot of sites then only use one channel per site to see how each site performs overall. The main key information that channel tracking will let you see is the click through rate of your ads.

If you find a particular site has a very low click through like under 1 percent then there are a few things you can do. Placing ads towards the center of the page and above the fold on your site can really help to boost ctr since this will get your ads noticed more often. Also integrating adsense ads into your article page content can also help to increase the click through rates.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adsense Account Settings Advice

There are certain things you can do in your adsense account that can help to increase your overall adsense revenues. One thing you can do is to disable image ads so when you are selecting a new ad be sure to only use the 'text ads only' option. The reason for this is that image ads have a much poorer click through rate since they look like banners and people are very good at avoiding banners on almost any website.

Text ads blend into the content of your site much better and will thus attract a much higher click through rate which in turn will mean more clicks and increased income. A useful feature to use is the channel tracking that you can setup for each ad. This will allow you to see the performance of each ad such as click through rates which can really make a big difference in your income levels.

Be sure to track as many ads as possible as you never know which ones will perform well. Learn from the ones that do well and make adjustments to those that do not work as well and keep testing. If you really want to make significant money with adsense then you need to learn from Michael Cheney's Adsense Videos. You will learn how to make over $10k a month from just adsense alone without having to resort to black hat techniques that can get your sites and adsense account banned. Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What You Focus On You Will Get

Many things that happen in our lives we have little or no control over. However we do have control over how we react to what happens to us. If you are trying one approach to making money online and it fails then you can decide to react in many different ways. You can choose to give up and claim that internet marketing does not work or you can choose to learn from your experience as to why it may not have worked, make some adjustments and try again until you succeed.

We get what we focus on in life. Superstar athletes got that way because they spent countless hours refining and learning their sport. The same applies to internet marketing. You need to spend as much time and energy as possible focusing on your internet marketing efforts and learning from your mistakes. If you keep at it inevitably you will hit a few winning methods that work and success will be yours.

Most people have a lot of trouble staying focused because they get distracted. Setting goals is one way to help you stay focused. Decide how much money you want to make 6 months and 1 year from now from internet marketing and write it down and review it daily believing that you will succeed. Focus on what that money can do for you like giving you more freedom and time to do what you want when you want to. Learning from those that have succeeded is important if you want to attain success fast. The 'Google Nemesis' system is created by very successful internet marketers and they can show you how to succeed at internet marketing very quickly. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Power Of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a very underrated but potentially powerful way to make money online and generate targeted traffic and sales to your internet business. You should not spend all your efforts on article marketing alone as it is a long term process so always have other sources of paid immediate traffic like pay per click traffic.

Article marketing offers many benefits including increased link popularity for your site from the one way keyword rich anchor text backlinks that you get to place in the author bio box of most articles you write. These one way back links are also on relevant content rich pages which means the search engines will value them more than just links from irrelevant content pages.

The first step in the article marketing process is obviously to write an article. This is where many internet marketers get lazy and shy away from article marketing. However keep in mind that you can outsource the writing of your articles to third party services which will do it for you at a fair price. The more you are willing to pay the better the quality of the articles you will get. If you do have the time and are an expert in your field then consider at least writing a few articles on your own.

When choosing a title for your articles you want to make sure it is keyword rich as this will help to attract more traffic to your article pages. Make sure your article is unique and contains good useful content that is at least 500 words. Do not make your articles too long, keep them under 700 words. In the author bio box you can make a sales pitch related to whatever products or services you are selling.

Make sure to avoid any sales pitches in the body of the articles otherwise your articles will be rejected by the top article directories. Submit your articles to a few of the top article directories, ideally you would want to use a submission service like Article Marketer to give you the widest exposure. Submit one to two articles a month per site and consider as part of a long term strategy to build link popularity and credibility to your website which will increase traffic and profits in the future. For more immediate profits you need to learn how to master Google adwords and affiliate marketing. The Google Massacre system can show you exactly how to make the most money with adwords and affiliate marketing. Click here to learn more.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Google Nemesis Review

Official Site: Google Nemesis

The Google Nemesis program is not just another hyped up internet marketing guide. It is created by real internet marketing geniuses that have walked the walk and can genuinely show you how to make big money online. There are too many programs out there created by people that do not make the kind of money they claim in their products which is a shame.

The Day Job Killer Team have made millions of dollars online and can show you advanced techniques with this guide that will give you a significant edge over most marketers. The system will allow you to take advantage of a $60,000 software program that will help you to identify money making advertisements and promotions. Most affiliate promotions fail so knowing in advance which ones are most likely to work will save you tons of time and money.

You also do not need to know any html or coding of any kind since you will receive templates which makes it a simple plug in and go profiting system. You also get access to a detailed video tutorial which makes the process very simple to understand and implement for quick profits. This program is not a scam and can work well for you but you must take action right away otherwise you will lose that all important first mover advantage. Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Google Massacre Review

Official Site: Google Massacre

Google Massacre is an internet marketing system that will show you how to maximize your online income by taking advantage of the enormous traffic that Google has to offer. The system uses a strategy called SCALP to create successful marketing campaigns that almost anyone can take advantage of. It has been proven to work well for many that have used it.

Many people bad mouth Google and claim they are thieves. This system believes that the exact opposite holds true. Google does not steal from advertisers and they are the most effective advertising available without a doubt. They receive not only the most traffic but also the best quality traffic that converts at the highest rate so you must learn how to use Google adwords properly if you want to succeed at making big money online quickly and this guide can give you a distinct advantage.

The system will show you effective techniques that will allow you to profit from almost any market you decide to enter. You will learn how to make money fast which is critical since you probably do not want to wait years as your income right now is obviously not satisfactory. By leveraging yourself using affiliate products and Google traffic you can be making money in less than a week with very little risk. This system is not a scam and can work well for you if you apply it to its fullest. Click here to learn more.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top SEO Tips For Better Rankings

Search engine optimization can be very competitive and difficult to succeed at. It is important to never solely rely on organic search engine traffic for your website so make sure to also take advantage of pay per click advertising and other sources of advertising. You should consider seo as a long term strategy and look at it as a bonus.

In order to succeed at building high ranking websites you need to understand what the search engines are looking for when they evaluate a website. Search engines want a site that is unique which means it has a unique template and appearance and the content is original and not found anywhere else.

Search engines also want a site that has updated content so that visitors always receive the latest information available which will produce satisfied visitors and will help to build repeat visits too. Also if people like your site they are much more likely to tell others about it through word of mouth and also by linking to your site in their own websites or blogs. These one way back links have great value and can make a big difference in helping your site rank well for many related keywords.

Article marketing is one way to get the word out about your site and help to increase its link popularity. All you need to do is write an article that is useful over 500 words and submit it to major article directories or use some article submission service as submitting by hand can get tiresome. At the end of each article you will be able to add 2 links back to pages in your site. These links are great because they come from relevant content rich pages so they can help a great deal to improve the ranking of your site. SEO can be very tough to master and you need to learn advanced strategies to gain the edge. SEO Elite can help you learn techniques that can help you rank well even in the most competitive niches. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Power Of Review Sites

Creating affiliate review sites can be a powerful way to promote affiliate products. The basic strategy is to pick 3 to 5 popular and high converting related affiliate products and then to write reviews on each of these products doing a head to head comparison about the benefits and shortcomings of each products.

Then you simply setup an adwords campaign and send targeted traffic to these pages. The great thing about this approach is that regardless of which product people buy you still get paid. Avoid hype as much as possible on the review pages and try to highlight the benefits but be factual while still maintaining an unbiased tone.

You do not want to spend too much money on traffic to these pages so do not bid more than 20 cents a click in your adwords campaign for this traffic otherwise you will most likely lose money. If you find yourself struggling to get clicks be sure to split test different ads using different headlines and body text as certain ads can get much higher click through rates.

In your adwords campaigns you should stick with small adgroups with relevant keywords no more than 100 for best results. You can initially bid a little higher so that you start in a good position and then slowly shave off your bids as your click through rates and quality scores are good. Affiliate marketing can be tough without proper guidance. The Affiliate Conspiracy system can show you how to succeed quickly as an affiliate marketer. Click here to find out more.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Best Health, Fitness And Beauty Affiliate Programs Network

The health and fitness niche is huge and tons of money is being made by affiliates promoting these products. However not all affiliate programs are created equal and you need to pick the ones that have great products and high converting sales pages. is one of the best health related affiliate networks online.

They offer a wide range of the hottest products in the health and fitness industry. Also they give very generous commissions up to 60% and many of the products also give recurring commissions for residual income potential. Some of the product categories including acne, weight loss, sexual health and enhancement, tooth whitening, anti aging skin care products, colon cleansing and much more.

They also release new products on a regular basis which is great since tons of money is made on new product launches. Another great benefit of this affiliate network is that refunds are absorbed by the merchant so once you have made a sale you will get paid unlike other popular affiliate networks like Clickbank where if a refund is requested you lose your commission. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How To Generate High Adsense Click Through Rates

Adsense can an awesome way to make money online however most publishers fail to maximize their potential revenue from this great program. The best way to increase your income with adsense is to boost click through rates, do not bother chasing high paying clicks as it usually does not work and on average you should expect to make 15 to 20 cents per click. Here are 3 simple things you can do to boost ctr's quickly:

1. Put ads above the fold - Placing ads in this area is important because this is the part of the page that gets noticed first when the page loads.

2. Place ads towards the center of the page - The center of the page has been researched to be a focal point with most visitors so placing ads close to the center will get them noticed more and thus should generate more click.

3. Use more ads if you can - If you have a lot of text content on a page then be sure to add more ad units, you are allowed up to 3 ad units and 2 link units so use them all if you can as long as there is enough content. If you really want to make significant money with adsense then you need to learn from Michael Cheney's Adsense Videos. You will learn how to make over $10k a month from just adsense alone. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Penny Stock Investing Tips

The stock market can offer a great opportunity to build wealth. Unfortunately most investing methods are slow and are not ideal to make money fast. However if you learn how to successfully invest in penny stocks then the returns can be both significant and quick. The challenge with penny stocks is that they are highly volatile and difficult to track without the use of specialized software.

This is why the Doubling Stocks system is ideal to use if you intend to get started in this type of investing. This system uses a unique and proprietary software program that simultaneously monitors thousands of small cap stocks and uses sophisticated pattern identification to determine whether a stock is likely to increase dramatically within a few days so that you can invest and sell quickly to make up to 5 times your initial investment.

The software program can identify distinct trading patterns from a range of 6578 held in its database to determine if a stock has a high probability of jumping in price. The picks are not always perfect but do have a long term record of success so do not give up if the first few are not too successful as you will probably make it back in future trades. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best Autoresponder Services Review

It is no secret that having a list of names and e-mails that you can send marketing messages to regularly is critical in helping to increase sales and profits. Using a quality autoresponder service is the key to managing successful e-mail marketing campaigns. There are many autoresponder services out there but only a few are worth using for the long term. Here are a couple we believe are the best:

Recommendation #1: Aweber

This service is used by a large number of top internet marketers and it is proven to be reliable. You get an unlimited number of autoresponder campaigns to create and also an unlimited number of messages to add to each campaign. In addition you can easily customize the look and feel of the form you are using to get subscribers. Also you get spam filter protection that tests each message you compose and will alert you if your message appears spammy in nature and will also let you know how to fix it so that your messages get high deliverability rates. Click here to learn more.

Recommendation #2: GetResponse

This is another very high quality service that is used by many internet marketers. You also get unlimited campaigns and messages with this service. There is also advanced tracking features that will let you track open rates and message link click through rates so you can fine tune your campaigns to produce the most sales. It is easy to use even for those that have little to no technical knowledge about html or programming. Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Link Popularity Tips

It is no secret that having more quality links pointing into your site will help to improve its ranking in the search engines. Here are a few tips to help build the link popularity levels of your site.

Tip 1: Write and Distribute articles

Article marketing is a proven way to increase the ranking of your site as well as build credibility and establish your site as an authority in its niche. All you need to do is write a good quality article around 500 to 700 words and submit it to top article directories. You can use an article directory submission service like Article Marketer if you want to save time submitting by hand.

Tip 2: Submit to directories

There are many link directories online that you can submit to however submitting manually can be tedious which is why you should use some type of directory submission service.

Tip 3: Improve the content of your site

The better the content is on your site, the more people will link to it over time. Also do not forget the power of word of mouth advertising as it is still the most powerful form of advertising. If you create a really great site, the word will spread and people will visit your site even if you have little to no search engine presence.
Content really is king so work hard to create the best possible content.

Mastering the search engine game can be tough. SEO Elite is a proven system that can help you learn how to get and maintain top search engine rankings. Click here to learn more and take your online income to the next level.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Top Pay Per Click Advertising Strategies

Using pay per click advertising can be a very profitable way to increase sales of your products and services. Even if you are an affiliate, quality and targeted ppc traffic can generate significant revenue if you know what you are doing. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using ppc advertising:

Tip 1: Track Conversions

If you use major ppc providers like Google adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing then you can track conversions for keywords by installing some code on the 'Thank You' pages your visitors see after they make payment. The keywords that convert well are critical to know as you should consider raising bids to get as much traffic as possible so as to make the most sales and profit.

Tip 2: Split Test Different Ads

You will find that certain ads get much higher click through rates than others so be sure to have at least 2 ads being split test for each ad group. The headline of the ad should be targeted and very relevant to the keywords you are bidding on in order to get the most clicks.

Tip 3: Focus On At Least A 100% ROI

You want to make at least twice the amount you spend on ads. If you are an affiliate then make sure the products you are promoting pay well, at least $20 and above per sale. Pay per click advertising can be a difficult game to master. You need all the help you can get which is why the Google Assassin system is ideal. Click here to learn how to take your ppc efforts to the next level.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Affiliate Conspiracy Review

Official Site: Affiliate Conspiracy

This internet marketing product is about how to use pay per click advertising with Google adwords to make money. Unfortunately very few adwords advertisers ever make big money and this system will expose the secrets that those that are successful with ppc have in common. Affiliate marketing is probably one the best ways for newbie internet marketers to make money.

The number of affiliate programs continues to grow and so do the number of people purchasing products online thus now is a great time to get in to affiliate marketing and this system will show you effective techniques on how to use adwords to make significant money online. Eric also reveals 3 of his profitable niches in detail which you can virtually copy which is a huge bonus and can save you significant time and money testing niches and their profitability.

This system is not a scam however you do still need to take action on the methods discussed in the program. The methods about how to generate cheap clicks that are still targeted can be quite effective since the return on investment can be very high. The methods discussed are legitimate and will stand the test of time. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is SEO Worth It?

Many people decide not to optimize their sites because they think there is too much competition and that it is not worth the time. It is probably not ideal to spend all your time just focusing on search engine optimization but if you know what you are doing, SEO can make a difference.

It is important to look at seo as a long term process. Focus on paid advertising methods such as pay per click advertising to generate immediate traffic. Optimizing a website is not difficult. Here are a few simple steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Perform proper keyword research

It is important to come up with a list of relevant and well searched keywords in your niche. Initially pick one keyword to optimize your main page on your site for. Do not worry about competition, just make sure it is a high volume term.

Step 2: Add the keyword to the title and description meta tags

Step 3: Add the keyword in an H1 header tag in the body of your main page

Step 4: Make sure your site has lots of unique text content that is relevant to the keyword and useful for your visitors. Avoid spam as it will usually result in your site either getting penalized or delisted.

Step 5: Write a 500 - 700 word article and add the main keyword in the anchor text in the author bio box. Submit this article to and In addition you can use an article submission service if you want to submit to many article directories and save time.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 with other pages on your site targeting various other keywords

These are simple steps that are proven to work but it will take time so have patience and do these step regularly and consistently to get the best results. While there are no guarantees of top ranking, seo can still be very rewarding and is still worth pursuing. Do you want to gain an unfair advantage in the search engine optimization game? Try SEO Elite to help you master search engine optimization and outrank all your competitors quickly and easily. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How To Improve Adwords Conversion Rates

Learning how to market products effectively with Google adwords can be a powerful way to make money. Pay per click search engine traffic can be very profitable if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately most new internet marketers especially affiliate marketers fail with ppc because they run a few campaigns, blow their budget fast and make little or no sales.

You want at least a 100% return on your investment so if you spend $25 on a test campaign, you want to make at least $50 worth of sales. Of course the more sales you make the better. If you find that you are breaking even, then do not give up on the campaign just yet but instead make a few adjustments such as reducing bids slightly or using more highly targeted keywords.

If you are a product merchant then be sure to use the conversion tracking feature as this can make a big difference in identifying which keywords are actually making you money. Many people are reluctant to bid high however it is all about results so even if you are paying 80 cents a click, if the conversion rates are high enough then it can still be profitable. In order to maximize conversion rates be sure to only use highly targeted and relevant keywords, ad descriptions and landing pages.

If you are an affiliate marketer then be sure to use link cloaking to avoid commission theft. This is especially important for products such as those sold at Clickbank where most vendors do not cloak the links by default. Also it is best to avoid any advertising or external links on your landing pages since you want the visitor to be focused only on the product you want them to buy. Another tip that can help to improve conversion rates is to turn off the content network especially for higher valued clicks since the content network traffic converts lower in general than typed in search traffic.

Also you should target countries accordingly based on where your products can be sold and shipped. It may also be ideal to stick with wealthier countries as you want to target buyers and not freebie hunters. Also be sure to use the "-free, -cheap, -download" keywords in your campaign to avoid people looking for free products.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Social Bookmarking

Using social bookmarking can provide an effective way to increase traffic levels to your websites. Each day, thousands of people view top bookmarked pages so if you have just recently launched a website then be sure to get it bookmarked on the major social bookmarking sites like the ones listed below:

If your site is truly unique and useful then it can easily gain positive votes in the bookmarking sites which can propel your site's bookmarked pages to the front page thus bringing even more free traffic. The challenge with new sites is that the search engines do not tend to rank them very well so using social bookmarking is one way to get free traffic. This is also an effective way to increase link popularity which can help the ranking of your website down the road since you are getting one way back links from authority sites.

Most social bookmarking sites also allow you to have a personal profile with a link back to any sites you own. Thus maintaining good accounts with useful bookmarks can help to increase the popularity of your profile and generate more traffic to your sites as people learn more about you since they like the useful bookmarks you save on a regular basis. It is best to not rely on social bookmarking alone to increase the popularity of your website but use it as part of an overall strategy to increase your online profits. Click here for a detailed guide on how to use Squidoo, which is a powerful social networking site to make money from the Web 2.0 trend.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Power Of Incantations

An incantation is similar to an affirmation however they are performed while doing something physical such as exercising. The reason to do them while you move is that the effect is stronger. The whole reason for doing them is to program your mind for what you want rather than letting the environment dictate how you should think and act.

The way to do an incantation is to repeat a phrase over and over again. The phrase is usually related to some goal or desire you have such as wanting more money. Here are some phrases you can say to yourself related to making more money:

- "Everyday I get closer to reaching my financial goals."
- "Financial freedom is just around the corner."
- "I am closer than ever to getting wealthy"

Here is a useful incantation you can say to yourself to maintain motivation levels throughout the day even when nothing seems to be going your way, you have probably heard this one before as it is from a famous song - "I get knocked down but I get up again, nothing is ever going to keep me down." The key is to say these phrases to yourself with conviction and belief and to repeat them as often as you can.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Arbitrage is the technique of sending traffic at a low cost to a page and hoping to make enough back via clicks on ads on that page to make a profit. While the concept is simple, pulling it off is a different story. Unfortunately most ads do not pay out enough per click to justify the advertising costs.

While many internet marketers claim they have found success using arbitrage, the low payouts combined with the high ad costs resulted in losses. We feel the best way to make money with adsense is to send organic search engine traffic which is free so learning search engine optimization and creating a site that does well in the search engines is the key to developing good income.

Check out our section on SEO to learn some effective proven strategies that will help your site rank higher for the long term and will not get your sites banned or penalized. If you are going to send paid traffic to a site make sure that the site contains useful content other than the ads otherwise you may be violating the terms and conditions of many advertising companies and could get your account banned. Stick with white hat methods that work for the long term and build a real business.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Create And Market Your Own E-Book

The internet presents the perfect place to sell digital products such as e-books and software programs. The advantage to selling these kinds of products is that the buyer gets access to them almost immediately after purchase which gives them a greater incentive to purchase since it satisfies the need for immediate gratification rather than waiting for a physical product to be shipped to their location.

If you are an authority on a certain topic that has a market then you can share your expertise by creating an e-book and selling it online. The first step is to decide on a topic. Make sure that your e-book solves a common problem and that there is a market for it otherwise you simply will not sell any since there are no buyers no matter how good your e-book is. You can use the free Google keyword tool to check for the market potential of your e-book idea.

It is important to do research in the marketplace on other similar e-books and then focus on creating something better. You want your product to be the best in your category. Never sacrifice product quality because you need to remember that word of mouth advertising is still and probably always will be the most powerful form of advertising around. Thus if you create a great product, your customers will refer friends and other contacts to purchase your e-book also so your product can literally sell itself even without any type of paid advertising efforts.

Creating an attractive cover for your e-book is important since you want to give a positive first impression. There are many services you can take advantage of that can help you create a great e-book cover. Here a few listed below:
Photoshop E-Book Cover Tutorial

Once your e-book is completed the next step is to create an effective sales page. You want your sales page to look professional and thorough. There are many factors that go into creating a great sales page. Some tips to keep in mind can be to add video content as it helps to increase credibility. Always offer a money back guarantee as it proves that you are confident in the quality of your products. To encourage people to buy now, you can offer a limited time discount. Try to accept as many payment options as possible including credit cards, paypal, online checks etc.

Provide a detailed outline about the benefits your product offers and how it is better than anything else in the market place. Be sure to establish yourself as an authority figure and prove it by showing your credentials on the sales page in some manner. Before a full scale launch, you will want to run a beta test to ensure people like your product. You can give away some free trial copies of your e-book with maybe only the first few chapters to a test group in order to build positive testimonials which you can then use on your sales page to further increase conversion rates.

Use pictures and graphics effectively to highlight the benefits of your e-book. You can hire a graphic artist to create unique graphics for your sales page. You can visit to get a quote on any design ideas you might have for your sales page. The price you sell your e-book for will depend on the market so offer a similar price to that being offered by your competitors. Once your sales page is complete, the next step is to market and promote the e-book.

You can use pay per click advertising to send traffic to your sales page. An important point to consider is to take advantage of affiliate marketers. Launching your e-book on Clickbank can be a great way to tap a significant number of highly skilled internet marketers. Be sure to offer generous commissions, at least $25 per sale in order to attract the best affiliates. Also create marketing tools such as banner ads and text ads that your affiliates can use to send traffic to your sales page. Use some of these tips to help you create your very own profitable e-book business.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Forex Investing Tips

Investing in the foreign exchange market can offer a lucrative way to make money from the net. One key point to remember is that if you make a bad trade then simply sell and cut your losses early. This is an important rule to keep in mind to minimize losses so do not hang on to losing trades. The forex market is the largest of all the money markets with daily trading reaching into the trillions of dollars.

It is best to trade during peak hours since this is when the highest volumes of trading is going on as this is when most people trade. Since volumes are so high during this period no large companies can drastically influence the direction of any currency during this time thus currency fluctuations are more stable and predictable.

Make sure that you are trading with large margins so you make the most profit possible. The problem with making small trades is that most of the profit ends up going to the broker and you are left with little or nothing. Remember that objective is to make money and large amounts of it as fast as possible so give yourself greater margins for your trades. Finding a good forex broker is important as there can be a lot of scammers out there. You can check out forex forums online as to which brokers are legitimate since these forums generally offer unbiased information.

Forex trading is a fantastic way to earn income as all you need is a computer and a desire to learn the basics. You can trade from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you like as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Like anything else, you must make a commitment to learning the profession as there are many new skills to acquire. A key point to remember with investing is to never play with money you cannot afford to lose.

Start small and make a few winning trades before you engage in larger volumes of trading. Knowledge is power so learn what influences currency fluctuations so you can anticipate changes before they occur and thus earn greater profits from every trade. Click here to learn about a detailed system that can help you earn more money with forex trading.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Domain Name Investing

This approach to making money involves acquiring expired domains and then monetizing their traffic by using domain name parking services or by reselling the domains for a profit (domain name flipping). The key to succeeding with this strategy is to have a quality service that can help you locate profitable domain names to invest in either for the sake of monetizing existing traffic or to flip the domain name and resell it.

Many big name entrepreneurs enter the domain name investing game as it can be highly lucrative. One potentially effective strategy is to go on eBay and analyze any domain names for sale. When looking for a domain name, you want something that is short and catchy. Also perform a backlink analysis on the domain and its traffic ranking on Alexa. Also make sure the domain is indexed in Google and not banned in any way. In addition, you may want to check out the history of the domain using the Wayback machine at Also check out the page rank of the domain. The higher the page rank, the more valuable the domain becomes.

Every day hundreds of domains expire for multiple reasons. The webmaster might have passed away or simply lost interest in the site however many of these sites were good quality and had many links scattered throughout other websites that generate traffic to them. There are a lot of services that specialize in notifying you about domains that recently or are about to expire and using their services is critical. You will have to pay a small fee to use these services but the good ones can be worth it. Here is a list of a few domain name marketing services:

Domain Profiteer
Name Spy
Revenue Domains Exposed

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How To Make Money With Blogs

Managing a blog can be a great way to make money from the internet. A blog is like an online diary where you can add your thoughts and ideas on certain topics. The great thing about blogs is that they are very easy to maintain. Most blogging platforms make it really simple to add content and make changes to your blog. You do not need to know anything about programming or html to be a successful blogger.

In order to first create a blog you need to decide what your blog is going to be about. If you are an expert in a certain topic or are in a particular profession, you can use your blog to share your expert knowledge on that topic. The biggest key to a long term successful blog is the content that you add to it. Be sure to add genuinely useful and original content as this will keep visitors returning to your blog often and also update and add new content on a regular basis.

There are many ways to start a blog. You do not even need your own web host as you can take advantage of free blogging sites like If you do own a site then you should still be able to easily add a wordpress blog through your website management interface such as cpanel. Once you have a few good posts up, consider visiting similar high quality blogs and leave useful comments on them with a link back to your site. Also tell as many people offline as you can about your blog that might find it useful.

Always keep in mind that most people are on the internet looking for free information so you need to provide good quality free content in order to attract the most visitors. The better the content on your blog the more people that will link to it and over time this will also improve the search engine rankings and drive even more traffic. There are many ways to monetize your blog.

The most obvious is adding advertising such as adsense. Be sure to check our section on adsense tips to learn more how to effectively use this to make income. Some basic points to keep in mind is to have an ad unit above the fold on your site which is the region of your page that is seen without having to scroll down. Also try to position the ads as close to the center of the page as possible. In addition try to blend the colors of the ads with the rest of your site.

Other sources of revenue can be affiliate links to related products and services. There are many affiliate programs online and a good way to locate a few is through some affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare and Azoogle. Try not to flood your site with ads as this tends to turn off a lot of visitors. You can also send traffic to your blogs through paid advertising sources like Google adwords or Adbrite but be sure to watch your budget and conversion rates closely to ensure profitability. Click here to learn more detailed information on how to succeed with blogging.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Squidoo Marketing Tips

Creating quality Squidoo lenses can offer a potential way to make good money. If you know a lot about a specific subject or have a passion for something then simply use Squidoo to create a lens about that topic. These lenses can get a lot of traffic depending on how much people like them.

If your lens becomes a featured lens then it can generate significant traffic levels just from people that like to browse various lenses. The biggest key factor is quality and originality since you will be faced with high competition levels. A good tip is to select a keyword rich lens title and url as this will help to attract more search engine traffic.

Also make sure that you are frequently updating and adding to your lens to make it better as this will help to improve its rank over time. Squidoo will pay you a portion of all the revenue generated from your lens which can add up if you create a few quality lenses. It is very easy to create good lenses and requires little technical knowledge of html or any other programming languages.

Try to make your lens interactive and encourage others to leave feedback as this will also help to increase popularity levels. There are various modules that you can easily add to your lens that will allow people to rate and leave feedback. You can also further monetize your lens by discreetly adding affiliate urls pointing to products related to the topic of your lens.

Also, if you own other related websites you can also have links on your lenses pointing back to them. This will help to increase your websites link popularity and search engine ranking. Do not be surprised if you find yourself getting somewhat addicted to making lenses. You can also create your own groups and build a network of like minded friends. Squidoo can be a great way to make money online and have a lot of fun in the process.

Click here for a detailed guide on Squidoo marketing.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Get Angry To Get Rich

Sometimes it is necessary to get a little disturbed with your current situation if not even angry in order to change it. The inevitable fact that you must face is that succeeding in a business whether online or not is a great challenge and most that try fail. In fact, statistics show that 95% of all new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Out of the 5% that survive, 95% of those fail within the next five years. Thus the odds are not in your favor.

In order for you to succeed you are going to have to develop a thick skin and be able to handle failure. You need to look at each failure as a stepping stone towards great success. One of the ways to keep going even if all hope seems lost is to simply get mad at your current situation. Are you not tired of being broke and not having the kind of lifestyle and freedom you always wanted. Focus on that and believe that you will find a way.

If a particular approach did not work then simply learn from that failure and make a few adjustments and try a new approach. The only way to truly fail is to stop trying. As long as you keep stepping up to the plate and keep swinging it is inevitable that you will eventually hit that home run!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reciprocal Linking Strategies

Gaining reciprocal links from other websites can be an effective way to increase your search engine rankings however you do need to be careful how you do this. Many of the major search engine dislike sites that have thousands of links in their links directory. It may be a better strategy to pick a few sites that are related to yours and that are of high quality and then requesting an exchange with them.

Keeping the number of reciprocal links under 50 may be the best option. Remember that if you really want to increase your site's link popularity then focus on creating better content and fresh content. When you request for a reciprocal link exchange from another site be sure to already add their link in your websites link directory and ask them if the format you used is fine. Also try to mention something you genuinely liked about their site as this will increase the odds of getting a link from them.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Adsense Optimization Techniques

Adsense can be a great way to monetize a website. The Google adsense program allows a maximum of 2 link units and 3 ad units per content rich page. You want to use as many ads as possible as long as there is enough content on the page. Make sure the ads blend in as much as possible with the rest of your site. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to optimize your site for adsense:

Tip 1: Place ads above the fold

Be sure to have one ad unit or link unit in the portion of your site that is seen first without scrolling down. Also try to place the ad as close to the center of the page as possible as this will help to get your ads seen more often.

Tip 2: Use link colors that match the main link color of your site

Tip 3: Place ads directly in your articles by wrapping the article text around the ads

Tip 4: Change the settings in your adsense account to accept only text ads when creating your ads since image ads tend to have lower click through rates.

Tip 5: Be sure to use channel tracking to see which ads are performing well and also which ones are not so you can make the necessary changes.

Follow some of these simple adsense optimization tips to help you get higher click through rates and make more money from your website.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Useful Approach To Clickbank Marketing

Selling affiliate products is becoming a more popular way to make money on the internet. The reason for this is pretty obvious as you do not need the money or expertise to create your own product. Becoming an affiliate marketer is often the best option for newbie internet marketers as you have the potential to generate income fast which is important when you are starting out and have little money to spend on advertising and other business expenses.

Marketing digital products on the internet can be extremely profitable and one of the most popular digital affiliate network is Clickbank. It is free to join and does not require that you have a website of your own which is ideal for new internet marketers whereas many other affiliate networks are much more strict regarding the affiliate partners they choose.

Combining Clickbank products with pay per click advertising can be a fast way to generate increased affiliate profits provided you know what you are doing. The key with pay per click is to remember that not all keywords are created equal. You need to select your keywords very carefully. One of the advantages to Clickbank products is that more often than not you can bid on the product name since it is not usually trademarked and the vendors usually do not mind if you do.

So what you need to do is select a few popular and proven Clickbank products and then setup a simple review page (avoid hype as much as possible) and then setup a Google adwords campaign targeting only product name based keywords. Do not forget to use exact matched and phrase matched keywords too. Do not expect too many clicks, however do expect to pay up to 50 to 75 cents a click. Remember that these are highly targeted clicks that can convert at rates of 10 percent or higher so even if you pay a lot for each click your campaigns can still be very profitable. Try this strategy and do not rush, you are better off getting rich slowly than going broke fast.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

A Free And Effective Marketing Technique

Many people have heard that article marketing can be an effective way to sell products however few people actually do it. Consider the following article marketing strategy:

Step 1: Write a useful article around 500 to 700 words on a topic related to the subject of your site

Step 2: In the author bio box, add one link back to your site and one link to a review page for a product either your own or an affiliate product.

Step 3: Submit that article to

Step 4: Monitor the number of views and clicks you get from that article.

You will find that certain niches get many more views and clicks than others so experiment in new niches if the current niche you are in is not sending much traffic from Ezinearticles. This strategy can have very high conversion rates because the traffic being sent to your site is already warm and if you send them to an affiliate page from your site then they are very qualified and very likely to buy so it does not take tons of clicks to make sales.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How To Add Affiliate Links To A Website

The first thing to remember with affiliate links on your site is that they need to be relevant to the topic of your site. In order for the traffic on your site to convert into sales the affiliate products must be closely related to what the visitors on your site are interested in. Many sites flood their pages with advertising and this can be a problem as it tends to turn off a lot of visitors and they will leave and not come back.

Make sure that the content is the primary focus of your website and advertising should be integrated sparsely. However there are certain ways to add advertising pitches that can increase conversion rates. For instance if you have an article, then at the bottom of the article you can add a non biased pitch about an affiliate product or service.

Avoid hype as much as possible as this will make your visitors trust the message much less. You want to sound like an unbiased third party, you may even be a little critical or even have a slight negative tone towards some of the affiliate product you recommend. Also make sure the products you promote are genuinely useful so do your research thoroughly when it comes to selecting affiliate products. In addition you may want to consider cloaking your affiliate urls, this will help to prevent commission thieves especially for products being sold in places like Clickbank.

Banners can be effective as long as they are text rich and not just a bunch of pictures. People seem to subconsciously ignore most banners so use banners that have catchy text messages and attractive descriptions. Another idea can be to add affiliate advertising to a page using an adsense style format. However if you do use this format then make sure the page does not have any adsense on it otherwise it may be violating the terms and conditions of the adsense program.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Motivational Tips - How To Stay Focused

In order to accomplish anything significant requires focus and commitment. Often we know what we need to do but fail in executing what we know and thus do not get the results we are capable of achieving. We need to look at the source of what causes us to do the things we do. After much analysis into this subject I have come to the conclusion that the root cause of all actions are thoughts.

A thought is the first thing that has to occur before you do anything. If you can learn to monitor and control your thoughts, you now have great power over your life and can do almost anything. However it is important to recognize the difference between a distracting thought and a thought that serves you and improves your life.

This is where sitting down and setting goals for every area of your life including your finances and business goals comes in. In addition you need to develop a daily action plan that moves you closer towards achieving those goals. If a thought enters your mind that compromises your ability to take action towards moving towards your goals then you need to simply replace that thought with one that keeps you focused and on target.

It is not a simple task learning to control the thoughts that enter your mind however it is not impossible either. Carefully monitor the thoughts that enter your mind and block out distracting thoughts while taking action on empowering thoughts.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

When NOT To Use Adsense

While adsense is a virtually no brainer way to make money from your website, there are certain instances when you need to back off or even not use adsense. For instance if you are running costly pay per click campaigns to your site you do not want adsense to be the first thing your visitors see when they first hit your site.

However you can still put adsense but sparingly like one ad unit at the bottom of the page. With pay per click campaigns, if you are paying high costs per click then it may be best to stick with little to no adsense since you want product sales and lead generation to be the primary focus since return on investment is critical.

Adsense is great for free search engine traffic so if you have a lot of content on a page then go ahead and use as much adsense as you are allowed. Also avoid using adsense on pages that have little to no content since this violates one of the term and conditions of the program.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Top 3 SEO Tips

Search engine optimization can be very challenging but also very rewarding. It is important to have a long term view when considering seo strategies for your site. Think of it as a continuous process that lasts as long as your site is up. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when doing search engine optimization:

Tip 1: Content is King

You have probably heard this one before but it is absolutely true. People visit your site to view the content, they do not really care about the design or how fancy your site looks. Most people visit websites to get some sort of free information so make sure that you are creating great free content that people will appreciate and hopefully link back to you. These organic links will help your site rise in the search engine rankings.

Tip 2: Develop meaningful link partnerships

Do not create a links directory with thousands of links in it. Instead find a few high quality related sites in your niche and focus on developing partnerships with them. If your site is also of high quality then there is a good chance you can build some sort of reciprocal link relationship. Quality is more important than quantity so make sure your reciprocal linking campaign are built on getting fewer but higher quality links.

Tip 3: Update frequently

Sites such as blogs tend to rank very well in the search engines and the main reason may be that they usually contain frequently updated content. Be sure to add content to your site regularly and make sure it is original and unique. The search engines are very good at detecting duplicated content so do not always put up syndicated content from article directories. You can add articles once in a while but do not do it too often. You want your site to be as original as possible. Uniqueness is a key factor in long term success with search engine rankings.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Benefits Of Article Marketing And Why You Should Consider It

Article marketing can be an effective way to promote your website and increase link popularity and internet presence. There are millions of websites on the net and getting your site noticed can be a challenge. The process of getting your site to the top rankings also known as search engine optimization can be a long one so patience is most definitely a virtue.

Article marketing can help your site gain better rankings since one of the criteria search engines use to dictate the ranking of a site is the quantity and quality of the inbound links. One way inbound links are probably considered to be the most valuable since it represents a vote from another site to your site. It is also important to get inbound links from quality sites that offer good content and make the internet a better place.

Stay away from strategies that involve mass linking using some special software or getting links from link farms or free for all link sites as the search engines tend to dislike sites that only contain links for the sake of advertising. One of the benefits of article marketing is that the inbound links you get are from content rich pages related to the topic of your site so the links are also relevant. Link relevancy is also an important factor in SEO and writing and distributing related articles to your site can help to create more relevant links back into your website.

If you do own a site then you most likely know a lot about the topic of your site so it should be easy to craft a useful 600 to 700 word article on a topic related to your site and then simply submit the article to top article directories like Ezinearticles and Articledashboard. In addition you can use an article submission service like Article Marketer if you get tired of submitting manually.

Remember that the entire internet is based on information and this method of promotion has worked since the internet began and should continue to work in the future. An important point to keep in mind is that you do want to produce good quality articles so be sure to do your research or at least hire someone who is knowledgeable. Never spam the article directories. Quality over quantity is definitely important as it will ensure maximum syndication rates.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Locating Profitable Niches

Finding a profitable niche can be a challenging task. There are many factors to consider and one of the key factors is whether or not the niche you are looking has a lot of online buyers in it. Certain types of products sell well over the internet while others simply do not since many people would rather just either go to a physical store nearby to order it rather than order the same product online.

Niches that can offer valuable information products like software or online membership type programs can be profitable. For instance, the 'internet marketing' niche is filled with gurus selling e-books and software programs that can help people make more money online. You will not find these kinds of info products sold elsewhere which is why they sell well online.

Of course the first step is to conduct some basic keyword research. You can use a free keyword tool like the Google keyword tool to get an idea of how many searches the main keyword in the niche you are looking to enter gets. Keep in mind that this tool is not 100% accurate but nevertheless it is still useful. There is no point operating in a niche that gets no traffic.

Even if you cannot locate good affiliate programs or create your own product for a niche, if the niche has a lot of buyers then it will also more than likely have many advertisers such as adwords advertisers which means you can still profit by creating a website and monetizing it with adsense using SEO strategies to draw free traffic.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How To Create High Converting Websites

There are many websites that receive many visitors yet the income generated from those sites is not nearly as much as it could be. Here are some tips that can help your website to generate more revenue:

Tip 1: Add a free newsletter

By creating a newsletter that provides visitors with valuable information you are able to collect potential future product buyers. Sometimes it can take several contacts before a sale can be made and e-mail can be an effective way to make those contacts. You will need an autoresponder to create your newsletter series.

Tip 2: Target buyers in your SEO and ad campaigns

When selecting keywords to optimize your site for you need to make sure that the visitors are also good potential buyers. This is especially important for pay per click campaigns so make sure that the keywords you choose are targeting buyers. For instance, you should bid on terms that have the word 'buy' or 'order' in it. If possible bid on the product name as long as this does not infringe on the merchants rules if you are an affiliate.

Tip 3: Create product review pages

If you are an affiliate then creating a review based site can be an effective way to increase sales conversions as the visitors on your site are looking for specific products. This can be an effective strategy with Clickbank products and then using adwords to bid on product name based keywords. Expect to pay up to fifty to seventy five cents a click but your campaigns could still turn out to be profitable if you track them closely.

Tip 4: Add adsense

Adsense is a no brainer way to make money from a website. A simple strategy is to add an ad unit to the top center of your page and then another ad unit at the bottom of the page. You can also add an ad unit in the middle of the page blended in with the content as long as there is enough content. Do not squeeze your content too much otherwise this makes your page look bad and can turn visitors off. The beauty of adsense is that you get to make money without having to sell anything so be sure to take advantage of it if possible.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Network Marketing Tips

Network marketing can be a powerful way to make money both from the internet and off. However there are many scams that you need to be careful to avoid. You must make sure the network marketing company is legitimate and that they are indeed selling quality products or services and not just requiring that you pay a fee every month.

The health and wellness niche is filled with network marketing opportunities and for good reason. These products are usually consumable which means people order them every month. When it comes to network marketing you need to be aware that it is a numbers game. The more people that you sponsor the greater the chances that you will achieve duplication and growth in your network.

It is also a good idea to not just focus on the network marketing aspect of any program but also look to making product sales to general customers as this will allow you to make money faster. It can take several months if not several years to build up a large network so it is a long term process. However once the network begins to duplicate and grow the income becomes passive and you can literally make money without ever having to work again as long as the network keeps duplicating.

However it is always a good idea to continue to advertise and get more leads into your network marketing business. Also remember that network marketing really is about relationship building so you need to stay in touch with as many personally sponsored members as possible and help them as much as you can to get their businesses moving forward. Remember that your network will usually duplicate what you do so you need to be a leader and in time you will notice leaders emerging in your own network too.

Training and development are critical factors so always encourage your downlines to participate in training calls or in developing themselves. Make sure that you are also developing yourself and training yourself too. It is critical to pick a reputable network marketing company since you do not want your efforts to go to waste if the company disappears. Research the company and make sure they have a solid product and company leadership. You want to only be with companies that will be around for the rest of your life since you want to build networks that will last a lifetime if not several lifetimes. Network marketing is very powerful so make sure to build at least one powerful network as part of your overall internet business activities.

One quality network marketing program is SFI. They have been in business since 1985 and have a solid product line and marketing model. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why You Should Use Adsense To Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money on the internet and using adsense can really be one of the best ways especially if you own a site that already gets a lot of traffic from the search engines. One of the best things about adsense is that you make money without having to sell anything as you get paid when visitors click on ads on your site.

It is not necessary to flood your site with adsense ads but rather adding them in the right locations can help you to get good click through rates. It is always a good idea to add some adsense above the fold on your website. This is the area of your site that gets seen when the page first loads without the visitor having to scroll down. You can place an ad unit towards the center of the page or even a link unit.

Also placing some adsense at the bottom of the page can also be a good idea as this will give your site visitors a relevant place to go once they are done with the content on your pages. You can also place ads directly in article content but make sure that your content is not squeezed too much as this will turn off visitors since they are on your site to read your content and not just the ads. The advertising on your site should be something visitors go to once they feel they have read enough content and are ready to move on to something else.

It is important to be in a niche that has lots of advertisers otherwise your ads may not be as relevant as they could be. Remember that the more relevant the ads are the greater the chances that they will get clicked on by interested visitors.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

If you own a website and you want it to get higher rankings there are certain things you can do that can help you to get those top rankings. It is important to remember that there are no guarantees when it comes to search engine rankings however it is still worth pursuing since the rewards can be great.

The most important key to doing well in the search engines is the quality of the content on your site and its uniqueness. Never simply copy another website and try to make your site as original and useful as possible. Content really is king so always strive to deliver the best possible content for your website visitors.

Once you have your initial site setup and ready, you now need to increase the visibility of your site on the internet so that web surfers and the search engine spiders can find your site easily. Submit your website to link directories especially the major ones like Yahoo and DMOZ. In addition you can pursue reciprocal linking where you ask for a link to your site from another related site and in return you place a link back to their site.

When it comes to reciprocal linking make sure to only select good quality sites that are related to your site. Do not try to get hundreds of reciprocal links, instead focus on maybe 20 to 30 related sites to add to your link directory.

Article writing and submission is another thing you can do to increase the number of inbound links to your site. Remember that the entire internet is based on information so if you can write good quality articles then there are many sites that will publish your articles and give you relevant one way links back to your site. Look for article submission services as they can save you a great deal of time when it comes to sending your articles to directories.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

How To Make Money Online With eBay

Making money on the internet can be a tough thing to do especially if you are new to internet marketing. There are many approaches that one can use and eBay marketing can be an effective way to start. The advantage of eBay is that people go to eBay looking to make a purchase rather than just searching for information so essentially you can take advantage of a large audience of buyers rather than just information seekers that you hope will eventually buy your product or service.

One of the key components to doing well on eBay is your reputation and feedback statistics. It is vital that you build a solid feedback record and this can only be done by providing accurate and honest product descriptions including accurate shipping instructions as well as delivering great customer service in terms of great product quality and on time deliveries.

Another important tip to remember is that the title that you use for your ads should be keyword rich. Think of highly searched for keywords or phrases that people might use to search for your products and include them in the title. Use a free keyword tool like the google keyword tool to find highly searched for related keywords and include them in your title descriptions.

It is also important to give people as many options as possible to pay such as directly by credit card, paypal or even cheque. However be sure to clearly state any delays that may result if people do decide to use certain payment types like a cheque.

You can learn a lot by observing others that are succeeding so locate some sellers that offer similar products that have sold many products and observe how they do things and what kind of descriptions and prices they use and learn from them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Many people that wish to make money on the internet do not have the time and money to create their own product. Also they do not have the expertise to create a high caliber product that can dominate in its own niche. However that is alright because instead of competing with the corporate giants out there you can instead partner up with them and receive commissions in the form of affiliate revenue.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is fast to start since you do not need to create your own product and so you save both time and money. Of course it may be best at some point in your internet marketing career as you gain more experience and have greater cash flow to develop a fantastic product of your own but that can be done later. There are many places you can go to in order to find affiliate programs. Clickbank is a popular first resort for most new internet marketers.

The reason for this is that Clickbank sells only digital products and remember that many people today are willing to pay for quality informational products. Knowledge is power so information is becoming a hot product and the internet offers a perfect gateway to sell such products. Also since the product is usually received almost instantly after payment there is no lag time or waiting period which serves as greater incentive for people to buy such products.

Pay per lead affiliate programs can also be very profitable to market as they do not require that you sell any particular products but just simply send quality leads. Mortgage, credit card, insurance and many other financial related companies tend to offer such programs and a good source to find them can be Commission Junction and Linkshare. Make sure that your website does look good and professional before you apply otherwise you will get rejected.

An effective strategy to generate traffic to your sites can be to use article marketing. This is particularly important for those that have little money to spend on paid advertising. Simply write a good article on the topic of your niche and submit it to article directories like Ezinearticles or Articledashboard. The articles can send you traffic both from the links in the articles back to your sites and also long term from potential improvements in search engine rankings due to increased link popularity.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

How To Use Adsense To Increase Your Advertising ROI

Adsense can be a powerful income stream if used appropriately. Unfortunately there are many who try to take shortcuts when using adsense and this usually results in their accounts getting banned. Always follow the terms and conditions of the adsense program if you intend to make money in the long term.

It is always smart to have multiple income streams on a website. You can create a product of your own or use affiliate marketing programs. When you advertise your site using methods such as pay per click advertising it can often be a good idea to make sure that your landing pages have some adsense on them. Be careful to not flood your site with only ads as this may go against the rules of many pay per click providers and make sure your landing pages have plenty of content to give the user a good experience.

Remember that the primary objective of the major search engines is to provide a superior user experience so make sure your site is delivering in that aspect. You can add some adsense towards the bottom of your landing pages since you know that if people have gotten this far down the page then they are most likely not interested in your products so perhaps they may be interested in something similar being offered in the adsense ads.

Do not expect very high click through rates using this strategy but it can still be a good approach and help you to make a greater return on investment from your advertising efforts. Try to blend the ads in as much as possible at the bottom of the page and make sure they are showing relevant results. If you are in a niche that has many adwords advertisers then getting relevant ads should not be a problem.

Again be sure to double check with the landing page guidelines of each pay per click provider and make sure your landing pages comply. There are many pay per click providers you can use including Google adwords, Yahoo search marketing, Adbrite and MSN Adcenter.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Internet Marketing Guides

The internet is full of people trying to sell you products on how to make money and unfortunately many of them are scams. However there are a few ethical marketers that care about creating quality products. We have found the following internet marketing systems to be the most useful in helping even people that are new to the internet make more money.

Recommendation #1: The Millionaire League

This program offers multiple ways to make money from the internet. You will learn how to use Google adsense effectively in combination with pay per click advertising to potentially increase your return on investment much faster. Click here to learn more.

Recommendation #2: Boomers Income

This system was created to help people of all levels in internet marketing to make more money. As the name of the program suggests it targets the needs of baby boomers that are seeking a way to make more money to survive.

The program will teach you multiple ways to make money including eBay, blogging and you will find ways to make money online even without a website. Click here to learn more.

Recommendation #3: Profit Lance

This system is growing in recognition and popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The program offers some video tutorials that can really make it easy to learn how to market on the internet. Also if you do not have a site you will receive several free sites to help get started right away. Click here to learn more.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It?

Many people question whether or not it is really worth pursuing search engine optimization. The truth is that it depends on the keywords you are targeting. Certain keywords will bring people that are much more likely to buy than others. You are better off getting fewer visitors that convert than getting a ton of visitors that barely buy any of your products.

As long as you are targeting potential buyers rather than strictly information seekers then ranking highly can be very much worth it. Of course you need to also ensure that there are enough people doing searches in your particular niche. It is important to remember that there are no guarantees in the world of search engine optimization as far as how well your site will rank.

You will need to monitor the progress of your site regularly, once a month is enough to check where your visitors are coming from and how much of it is from organic search engine results. Be sure to use the free Google Analytics program to track your visitors and to monitor the performance of your site.

Look at search engine optimization as a long term strategy and consider it a nice bonus if your site does rank number one for a competitive and profitable keyword term. However it is best to not rely on SEO only but rather have other sources of traffic such as pay per click advertising or using offline methods like radio, newspapers and television. Of course if you are flat broke then SEO may be your only option but always try to find some extra cash to pursue some paid advertising methods and be sure to always track your results.

If you are broke then consider entering a niche that is not too competitive when you start as this will give you a better chance of ranking highly relatively quickly and will also give you some good experience that you can apply to tackle the more competitive terms. A quick crash course on SEO would be to make sure your site titles are keyword rich, submit your site to directories with keyword rich anchor text, submit articles to directories with keywords in the anchor text of the articles author bio box links, create fantastic content that people will want to link to and keep your site fresh and regularly updated and make sure your content is unique.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Profit Lance Review - Is This Money Making System A Scam?

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This program is a very systematic and thorough system designed to help the average person learn how to make money online. There is no need for any prior experience in internet marketing as the program assumes you are a beginner. The online video tutorials can be particularly helpful as they show you in detail how to get things done and it makes things a lot easier to understand.

Of course this program will not make you rich overnight as it will still require that you take action and follow up on what you have been taught but you will be starting off with a solid foundation. If you do not have your own site then do not worry as the system comes with several free websites already hosted and setup. However it is still recommended that you learn how to create your own unique sites as that will help you to do the best in the search engines long term.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

How To Profit With Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

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There are tons of affiliate programs out there that you can join and deciding which ones might work best can be difficult. However always keep in mind the fact the people want things for free whether it be a product sample or some free information or a bonus. This is why using pay per lead programs can be very profitable since you do not need to sell anything in order to make money.

Simply send people to sign up for free to a pay per lead affiliate site like for a mortgage quote and you get paid in the process. There are now many pay per lead programs on the internet. One good source to find quality pay per lead affiliate programs is Commission Junction - Another one is Azoogle - Make sure the program you choose is run by a top notch company ideally a Fortune 500 company and ensure that the pay for each lead is good at least over $10 per lead.

When you apply for a pay per lead affiliate program it is important to keep in mind that these companies can be very picky about who they choose as affiliate partners. Make sure your site looks professional and informative before you apply. You can use a number of strategies to send traffic to your pay per lead affiliate sites. Pay per click advertising can be a good option to start with as it will provide you with almost immediate traffic that is also targeted. Click here to visit our section on how to make money with ppc advertising.

It is a good idea to offer your site visitors many options to sign up for as this will usually result in them picking at least one to try out. You can create a comparison type site where you highlight the benefits and disadvantages of trying one company over another. The beauty of this is that regardless of which program your visitors choose, you still get paid. Also many times visitors will sign up for two or more programs which can make your return on investment very good.

Some of the pay per lead affiliate programs offer both commission on sending a lead and also further commission if the lead converts into a sale so be sure to look hard for these and promote them as much as you can. Pay per lead programs are common in the Insurance, Mortgage, Credit Card, Hotel Reservations and Travel niches.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adsense Arbitrage - Is It A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?

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Adsense arbitrage is the process of making money from adsense or other pay per click publishing sources using the process of sending paid traffic to your site with the hope that you will receive more clicks and income from the adsense clicks than you are paying for the traffic. Many people claim to have made this system work for them however our personal experience has yet to see success.

The challenge with arbitrage is that the pay per click is usually quite low for adsense so you may need to use another ppc publishing source that pays more so that you can actually make a profit. However also be aware that certain advertising sources do not like sites specifically designed for adsense only so it may be a good idea to add in some affiliate links too and make sure your site has relevant unique content.

Also it is difficult to get high enough click through rates to generate enough clicks to cover the advertising costs. If you have some money to play with then go ahead and experiment with this approach but make sure you are not violating any rules associated with the pay per click publishing source you choose to use.

Perhaps the best way to make money with adsense is not arbitrage but rather building a top notch quality authority site and then optimizing that site to attract as much free organic search engine traffic as possible. Also learn how to optimize your adsense ads to get a good click through rate. A simple but effective tip is to place some adsense ads above the fold on your site so that visitors will notice your ads each time they enter your site. Also do not be afraid to use more ads as long as you have enough content on the page.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Article Marketing Tips - How To Write Quality Articles For Maximum Syndication

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Article marketing can be a powerful way to increase the visibility of your site on the internet which in turn can help to improve the organic ranking of your website on the internet. According to the webmaster guidelines of Google, it is important to tell other sites similar to yours about your website.

When article directory owners publish your articles they will place it in a relevant category that is related to that of your site thus the link you receive back will be relevant and also the link will be found on a content rich page which can make the value of the link greater in the eyes of the search engines. Also the link you receive is a one way link versus a reciprocal link so this will also help to improve the link popularity of your site.

In order to get the most article directories to publish your articles you need to follow a few important steps. The first step is to create a quality article that is unique and useful. The article must be information rich and must not contain any kind of promotional or advertising pitches otherwise your articles will not get published. If you have the budget you can find many good sources that can write the articles for you. Remember that you usually get what you pay for so if you can afford to pay more it may be worth it to get higher quality articles written that will receive greater exposure.

If you are writing the articles yourself then you must become an expert in your niche and learn as much as you can. This is not hard to do and does not require any additional money. Visit article directories and read as many articles as you can related to your niche as these articles are written by experts so you can learn a lot before you start writing your own articles. Eventually you will be ready to write your own articles after doing enough research.

The title of your article is very important and must be keyword rich. Make sure to do your keyword research so use a tool like the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords that are searched for quite heavily. There is no point writing about a topic where there are no potential readers or market so make sure that you are in a market or niche that has a large market.

Start the title with a keyword and then expand the title description to make people want to click on it. For example, "Lose Weight Fast - Discover The Keys To Becoming Thin Quickly", is a good title so follow this type of format. The article body should be around 600 to 700 words in length and make sure the paragraphs are relatively short around 4 to 5 lines or 2 to 3 sentences. The article resource box is where you get to place usually around 2 links back to your site.

Use anchor text links that have the main keyword you want to rank for in the signature as this will help to improve your ranking for those keywords and also make sure to include your author name. It may be best to use a submission service like Article Marketer to distribute your articles because submitting by hand is very tedious and time consuming. Submit 1 new article per week for your site and remember that it can take time for this strategy to work so give it at least 6 months to a year in order to see real results.

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