Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Power Of Article Marketing

Article marketing is a very underrated but potentially powerful way to make money online and generate targeted traffic and sales to your internet business. You should not spend all your efforts on article marketing alone as it is a long term process so always have other sources of paid immediate traffic like pay per click traffic.

Article marketing offers many benefits including increased link popularity for your site from the one way keyword rich anchor text backlinks that you get to place in the author bio box of most articles you write. These one way back links are also on relevant content rich pages which means the search engines will value them more than just links from irrelevant content pages.

The first step in the article marketing process is obviously to write an article. This is where many internet marketers get lazy and shy away from article marketing. However keep in mind that you can outsource the writing of your articles to third party services which will do it for you at a fair price. The more you are willing to pay the better the quality of the articles you will get. If you do have the time and are an expert in your field then consider at least writing a few articles on your own.

When choosing a title for your articles you want to make sure it is keyword rich as this will help to attract more traffic to your article pages. Make sure your article is unique and contains good useful content that is at least 500 words. Do not make your articles too long, keep them under 700 words. In the author bio box you can make a sales pitch related to whatever products or services you are selling.

Make sure to avoid any sales pitches in the body of the articles otherwise your articles will be rejected by the top article directories. Submit your articles to a few of the top article directories, ideally you would want to use a submission service like Article Marketer to give you the widest exposure. Submit one to two articles a month per site and consider as part of a long term strategy to build link popularity and credibility to your website which will increase traffic and profits in the future. For more immediate profits you need to learn how to master Google adwords and affiliate marketing. The Google Massacre system can show you exactly how to make the most money with adwords and affiliate marketing. Click here to learn more.

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