Thursday, May 8, 2008

Domain Name Investing

This approach to making money involves acquiring expired domains and then monetizing their traffic by using domain name parking services or by reselling the domains for a profit (domain name flipping). The key to succeeding with this strategy is to have a quality service that can help you locate profitable domain names to invest in either for the sake of monetizing existing traffic or to flip the domain name and resell it.

Many big name entrepreneurs enter the domain name investing game as it can be highly lucrative. One potentially effective strategy is to go on eBay and analyze any domain names for sale. When looking for a domain name, you want something that is short and catchy. Also perform a backlink analysis on the domain and its traffic ranking on Alexa. Also make sure the domain is indexed in Google and not banned in any way. In addition, you may want to check out the history of the domain using the Wayback machine at Also check out the page rank of the domain. The higher the page rank, the more valuable the domain becomes.

Every day hundreds of domains expire for multiple reasons. The webmaster might have passed away or simply lost interest in the site however many of these sites were good quality and had many links scattered throughout other websites that generate traffic to them. There are a lot of services that specialize in notifying you about domains that recently or are about to expire and using their services is critical. You will have to pay a small fee to use these services but the good ones can be worth it. Here is a list of a few domain name marketing services:

Domain Profiteer
Name Spy
Revenue Domains Exposed

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