Monday, May 12, 2008

Create And Market Your Own E-Book

The internet presents the perfect place to sell digital products such as e-books and software programs. The advantage to selling these kinds of products is that the buyer gets access to them almost immediately after purchase which gives them a greater incentive to purchase since it satisfies the need for immediate gratification rather than waiting for a physical product to be shipped to their location.

If you are an authority on a certain topic that has a market then you can share your expertise by creating an e-book and selling it online. The first step is to decide on a topic. Make sure that your e-book solves a common problem and that there is a market for it otherwise you simply will not sell any since there are no buyers no matter how good your e-book is. You can use the free Google keyword tool to check for the market potential of your e-book idea.

It is important to do research in the marketplace on other similar e-books and then focus on creating something better. You want your product to be the best in your category. Never sacrifice product quality because you need to remember that word of mouth advertising is still and probably always will be the most powerful form of advertising around. Thus if you create a great product, your customers will refer friends and other contacts to purchase your e-book also so your product can literally sell itself even without any type of paid advertising efforts.

Creating an attractive cover for your e-book is important since you want to give a positive first impression. There are many services you can take advantage of that can help you create a great e-book cover. Here a few listed below:
Photoshop E-Book Cover Tutorial

Once your e-book is completed the next step is to create an effective sales page. You want your sales page to look professional and thorough. There are many factors that go into creating a great sales page. Some tips to keep in mind can be to add video content as it helps to increase credibility. Always offer a money back guarantee as it proves that you are confident in the quality of your products. To encourage people to buy now, you can offer a limited time discount. Try to accept as many payment options as possible including credit cards, paypal, online checks etc.

Provide a detailed outline about the benefits your product offers and how it is better than anything else in the market place. Be sure to establish yourself as an authority figure and prove it by showing your credentials on the sales page in some manner. Before a full scale launch, you will want to run a beta test to ensure people like your product. You can give away some free trial copies of your e-book with maybe only the first few chapters to a test group in order to build positive testimonials which you can then use on your sales page to further increase conversion rates.

Use pictures and graphics effectively to highlight the benefits of your e-book. You can hire a graphic artist to create unique graphics for your sales page. You can visit to get a quote on any design ideas you might have for your sales page. The price you sell your e-book for will depend on the market so offer a similar price to that being offered by your competitors. Once your sales page is complete, the next step is to market and promote the e-book.

You can use pay per click advertising to send traffic to your sales page. An important point to consider is to take advantage of affiliate marketers. Launching your e-book on Clickbank can be a great way to tap a significant number of highly skilled internet marketers. Be sure to offer generous commissions, at least $25 per sale in order to attract the best affiliates. Also create marketing tools such as banner ads and text ads that your affiliates can use to send traffic to your sales page. Use some of these tips to help you create your very own profitable e-book business.

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