Sunday, February 24, 2008

How To Use Adsense To Increase Your Advertising ROI

Adsense can be a powerful income stream if used appropriately. Unfortunately there are many who try to take shortcuts when using adsense and this usually results in their accounts getting banned. Always follow the terms and conditions of the adsense program if you intend to make money in the long term.

It is always smart to have multiple income streams on a website. You can create a product of your own or use affiliate marketing programs. When you advertise your site using methods such as pay per click advertising it can often be a good idea to make sure that your landing pages have some adsense on them. Be careful to not flood your site with only ads as this may go against the rules of many pay per click providers and make sure your landing pages have plenty of content to give the user a good experience.

Remember that the primary objective of the major search engines is to provide a superior user experience so make sure your site is delivering in that aspect. You can add some adsense towards the bottom of your landing pages since you know that if people have gotten this far down the page then they are most likely not interested in your products so perhaps they may be interested in something similar being offered in the adsense ads.

Do not expect very high click through rates using this strategy but it can still be a good approach and help you to make a greater return on investment from your advertising efforts. Try to blend the ads in as much as possible at the bottom of the page and make sure they are showing relevant results. If you are in a niche that has many adwords advertisers then getting relevant ads should not be a problem.

Again be sure to double check with the landing page guidelines of each pay per click provider and make sure your landing pages comply. There are many pay per click providers you can use including Google adwords, Yahoo search marketing, Adbrite and MSN Adcenter.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Internet Marketing Guides

The internet is full of people trying to sell you products on how to make money and unfortunately many of them are scams. However there are a few ethical marketers that care about creating quality products. We have found the following internet marketing systems to be the most useful in helping even people that are new to the internet make more money.

Recommendation #1: The Millionaire League

This program offers multiple ways to make money from the internet. You will learn how to use Google adsense effectively in combination with pay per click advertising to potentially increase your return on investment much faster. Click here to learn more.

Recommendation #2: Boomers Income

This system was created to help people of all levels in internet marketing to make more money. As the name of the program suggests it targets the needs of baby boomers that are seeking a way to make more money to survive.

The program will teach you multiple ways to make money including eBay, blogging and you will find ways to make money online even without a website. Click here to learn more.

Recommendation #3: Profit Lance

This system is growing in recognition and popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The program offers some video tutorials that can really make it easy to learn how to market on the internet. Also if you do not have a site you will receive several free sites to help get started right away. Click here to learn more.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It?

Many people question whether or not it is really worth pursuing search engine optimization. The truth is that it depends on the keywords you are targeting. Certain keywords will bring people that are much more likely to buy than others. You are better off getting fewer visitors that convert than getting a ton of visitors that barely buy any of your products.

As long as you are targeting potential buyers rather than strictly information seekers then ranking highly can be very much worth it. Of course you need to also ensure that there are enough people doing searches in your particular niche. It is important to remember that there are no guarantees in the world of search engine optimization as far as how well your site will rank.

You will need to monitor the progress of your site regularly, once a month is enough to check where your visitors are coming from and how much of it is from organic search engine results. Be sure to use the free Google Analytics program to track your visitors and to monitor the performance of your site.

Look at search engine optimization as a long term strategy and consider it a nice bonus if your site does rank number one for a competitive and profitable keyword term. However it is best to not rely on SEO only but rather have other sources of traffic such as pay per click advertising or using offline methods like radio, newspapers and television. Of course if you are flat broke then SEO may be your only option but always try to find some extra cash to pursue some paid advertising methods and be sure to always track your results.

If you are broke then consider entering a niche that is not too competitive when you start as this will give you a better chance of ranking highly relatively quickly and will also give you some good experience that you can apply to tackle the more competitive terms. A quick crash course on SEO would be to make sure your site titles are keyword rich, submit your site to directories with keyword rich anchor text, submit articles to directories with keywords in the anchor text of the articles author bio box links, create fantastic content that people will want to link to and keep your site fresh and regularly updated and make sure your content is unique.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Profit Lance Review - Is This Money Making System A Scam?

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This program is a very systematic and thorough system designed to help the average person learn how to make money online. There is no need for any prior experience in internet marketing as the program assumes you are a beginner. The online video tutorials can be particularly helpful as they show you in detail how to get things done and it makes things a lot easier to understand.

Of course this program will not make you rich overnight as it will still require that you take action and follow up on what you have been taught but you will be starting off with a solid foundation. If you do not have your own site then do not worry as the system comes with several free websites already hosted and setup. However it is still recommended that you learn how to create your own unique sites as that will help you to do the best in the search engines long term.

You will learn several methods to make money online including Google adsense and affiliate marketing. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

How To Profit With Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

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There are tons of affiliate programs out there that you can join and deciding which ones might work best can be difficult. However always keep in mind the fact the people want things for free whether it be a product sample or some free information or a bonus. This is why using pay per lead programs can be very profitable since you do not need to sell anything in order to make money.

Simply send people to sign up for free to a pay per lead affiliate site like for a mortgage quote and you get paid in the process. There are now many pay per lead programs on the internet. One good source to find quality pay per lead affiliate programs is Commission Junction - Another one is Azoogle - Make sure the program you choose is run by a top notch company ideally a Fortune 500 company and ensure that the pay for each lead is good at least over $10 per lead.

When you apply for a pay per lead affiliate program it is important to keep in mind that these companies can be very picky about who they choose as affiliate partners. Make sure your site looks professional and informative before you apply. You can use a number of strategies to send traffic to your pay per lead affiliate sites. Pay per click advertising can be a good option to start with as it will provide you with almost immediate traffic that is also targeted. Click here to visit our section on how to make money with ppc advertising.

It is a good idea to offer your site visitors many options to sign up for as this will usually result in them picking at least one to try out. You can create a comparison type site where you highlight the benefits and disadvantages of trying one company over another. The beauty of this is that regardless of which program your visitors choose, you still get paid. Also many times visitors will sign up for two or more programs which can make your return on investment very good.

Some of the pay per lead affiliate programs offer both commission on sending a lead and also further commission if the lead converts into a sale so be sure to look hard for these and promote them as much as you can. Pay per lead programs are common in the Insurance, Mortgage, Credit Card, Hotel Reservations and Travel niches.

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