Sunday, December 16, 2007

E-Mail Marketing Tips

E-mail can be a very powerful tool to help you earn more income online. Many successful online business use email marketing as their number one method to generate sales and income. You have probably heard the term, 'The Money Is In The List', and this statement still holds true. However the quality of your list is very important.

You need to build a list of subscribers that you build a solid relationship with. Many top internet marketers make use of podcasts to communicate and build a relationship with their subscribers. A podcast gives your subscribers a chance to hear your actual voice on a regular basis so this can be a great tool to build trust with your subscribers.

The autoresponder service you select is important to help you get the best results possible. Aweber is one of the best ones, click here to learn more about them. So why bother with a list? The main reason may be that most people simply do not purchase a product especially more expensive ones the first time they see the sales page.

By capturing your prospects email address you have the opportunity to contact them regularly over the next few weeks and remind them of your offer. There are now many internet marketers using email marketing so how can you separate your own newsletter from the rest and entice people to sign up for yours.

Well, the first step is to become an expert in your niche. You need to learn all you can about your niche so read as many articles as you can and learn as much as you can. The next step is write a series of emails like maybe a tutorial series or something that is informative and useful. Do not make your emails pure sales pitches.

You can offer a 7 day e-course on a 'How to ...' type email series. The bottom line is that your email series must be useful and contain information that your visitors will not find anywhere else so make sure it is unique. You can also offer a free report of some sort to encourage people to sign up. Make sure you write the report yourself and make it useful. There is no shortcut so make sure you learn about your niche well and craft a valuable free report unless you can afford to get someone else to write it for you.

A good tip to help increase open rates on your emails is to make sure you start each email with the first name of your subscribers. Of course the best way to ensure that people read your emails is by always sending useful informative emails and not just sales pitches. People are tired of being sold to. Instead of hard selling in your emails it is better to slip in simple product recommendations that are tied in with related content in the emails.

Perhaps the only time you can push a product more heavily on your subscribers is towards the end of the email series when you have already built up a level of trust and respect with them. It is best to stay away from offers to buy email leads instead you are better off directing traffic to your site or to a squeeze page to build a list. Again focus on building a quality list rather than a huge list that you have no rapport with. If your email series is unique and useful then it will grow even via word of mouth alone so always focus on making a quality series.

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