Friday, November 23, 2007

Google Adwords Tips - Learn How To Use Adwords To Make More Money Online

Google adwords is a very powerful system that can help you to earn more income online. However it can also be a very quick way to go broke if you do not know what you are doing which is why it is important to learn a few basics before you get into it.

Tip 1: Keywords are vital

Selecting the right keywords can make all the difference in your adwords campaigns. Make sure that the keywords you select are very closely related to the product or service you are selling. If you are promoting products from Clickbank then you can use the product name as your keywords. The product name is often the best keyword since it is the most targeted. However these kinds of keywords are not cheap and may cost you up to a dollar a click.

Tip 2: Track your results

Tracking your adwords campaign results is essential to help you make the most money. You can use the conversion tracking feature inside your adwords account to track the keywords you are bidding on. All you need to do is add some code to certain pages of your site.

If you are promoting affiliate programs then consider speaking with the product owner and see if they can support you by adding this code on their thank you pages. Many product vendors will do this as long as you approach then in a professional manner.

Tip 3: Manage your budget

Never put all your money into one test campaign because if it fails then you cannot run any more campaigns. Each test campaign should run maybe 100 clicks and then you need to check profitability.

Tip 4: Improve your adwords account quality score

The google adwords system uses a quality score algorithm to determine the relevancy of your ads and your account. If you place highly relevant ads that get good click through rates then your account quality score will increase.

You want a high quality score because it means that you pay less for clicks and you get higher positions in the rankings without having to pay any more money which can make a big difference on your return on investment.

Create smaller more relevant ad groups that have the keywords in the title and even the body. This will help to improve the click through rates of your ads which is the fastest way to improve your adwords account quality score. Follow some of these adwords tips to help you make money online. Click here for a detailed guide to succeeding with pay per click advertising.

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