Friday, May 16, 2008


Arbitrage is the technique of sending traffic at a low cost to a page and hoping to make enough back via clicks on ads on that page to make a profit. While the concept is simple, pulling it off is a different story. Unfortunately most ads do not pay out enough per click to justify the advertising costs.

While many internet marketers claim they have found success using arbitrage, the low payouts combined with the high ad costs resulted in losses. We feel the best way to make money with adsense is to send organic search engine traffic which is free so learning search engine optimization and creating a site that does well in the search engines is the key to developing good income.

Check out our section on SEO to learn some effective proven strategies that will help your site rank higher for the long term and will not get your sites banned or penalized. If you are going to send paid traffic to a site make sure that the site contains useful content other than the ads otherwise you may be violating the terms and conditions of many advertising companies and could get your account banned. Stick with white hat methods that work for the long term and build a real business.

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