Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Get Google Ads Free Review

So yet another too good to be true product has just launched itself into the market. Namely, 'Get Google Ads Free'. The author claims that he has received millions in free advertising and not just any old advertising, the mother load of advertising, called Google Adwords.

Now by my nature I am an optimist and I am pretty surprised that I did not see this product 4 months ago when it launched. I actually just bought it around 4 days ago and was quite intrigued by it.

As I said, I am an optimist, in fact I envision that soon I will raking in hundreds of millions just as the author claims he has over his illustrious 9 years in internet marketing. Now exactly what method will I use. Will it be his tactics in his book. Who knows?

Hey, I have made many mistakes in my online marketing career but I always look at mistakes as opportunities to grow and learn. I've learnt that quick fixes and complicated formula's rarely work when it comes to internet marketing, I will not mention what I have tried and failed but I will say that I won't give up. Heck, I feel pretty inspired right now. Maybe I should post more often.

In any case, with an IT background, the job world was never meant for me and my quest for financial freedom continues. I will keep you posted on when I accomplish this feat, the target is $100K in my bank account and $20K/month all from online businesses. Currently, I average around $500/month with no real savings in my bank account. I will accomplish this 'simple' feat by October 20, 2007. Impossible you say, nay I say. The impossible exists to be made possible.

Well I seemed to have digressed from my original post, but let's get back on track. So, after reading this quite interesting e-book, which by the way is the second product online I have hit to be produced by someone who has hit the $100 million dollar category and above. The other was 'The Rebel Millionaire', although many of his tactics were based in the offline marketing arena.

So in my extensive 1 year 5 mos career as an internet marketer I have picked up a few interesting lessons. Lesson #1, don't go for the quick cash without first looking at the long term. There were many programs I vigorously pursued for the short term cash but did not realize that in the long term they would not hold up and produce the kind of money I am seeking as they do not employ leverage appropriately - i.e. I have to work way too hard to make the cash.

In 'Get Google Ads Free', I see that his approach is truly based on basic fundamentals and principles that have and will continue to endure the rigorous test of time. These strategies applied have already made countless millionaires in the offline marketing world and no doubt work in online marketing.

There are many varied opinions on this program, and it will not work for those who think there is no work or committment required, as anything worthwhile in life requires at least that. What I can say is the idea is rock solid and is already being applied by many and does work if you have the committment to find a way to make it work. The opportunity is there so check it out for yourself - click here for 'Get Google Ads Free'.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Project Black Mask is HERE!

Well, Chris Mcneeny has released yet another program that goes against the 'white hat' seo folks out there. It is called project black mask. Click here to check it out. So what is so special about it? Well, the program claims to teach you hidden secrets that are used by the big boys to make big cash online in adsense and affiliate programs.

They claim that they have secret strategies to help you get free ppc - the 'insider' that is referred to on the sales page apparently does not use ppc and gets all his traffic FREE. They do mention that if you are not comfortable with using unconventional tactics then this program may not be for you. Chris' other program's were huge successes and this one is headed in that direction too but I think the number of memberships may be limited due to the nature of the subjects covered.

Check it out for yourself and decide - Click here for more Project Black Mask

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vital Tips to Explode Your Adsense Income

So you’ve eagerly decided to join the adsense game in your pursuit of online business success. However for many the process of making money from adsense is not as simple as they may have thought. Many struggle with getting their click through rates up, while others have very low earnings per click. Here some crucial tips to turning your adsense woes into adsense glory:

Tip #1: Use all the ads that you are allowed to

This is often overlooked by so many adsense publishers because they think that if they put too many ads it will turn people off. This is not true because in most adsense programs you are only allowed to put adsense on content rich pages.

So if you have enough content, which you should since you are running a website that is supposed to inform people, then you can sprinkle your ads here and there and make it look very natural.

Tip #2: Make your ads look less like ads

People that visit your site are all too familiar with advertising and know very well that you are more than likely going to throw some ads on them while they are on your site. In fact, they expect it! Google and Yahoo both have systems in place to adjust the colors, borders and backgrounds of your ads. That should be a hint to you that they want you to adjust your ad detail to at least blend in to your site.

Make sure though that you review terms and conditions of these adsense programs and that you fully comply with them. One of the things you absolutely cannot do is encourage your visitors to click ads. So try different color combinations that fit with your site.

Tip #3: Make sure your ads are on topic and relevant

Often you will see ads on a site page that is completely unrelated to what that page is about. This is primarily due to either a lack of content or your page is covering way too many topics and is not targeted.

Do your keyword research and have a purpose for each adsense page. If your pages are content rich and targeted on a keyword that has enough adwords advertisers then you should get highly relevant ads that visitors are much more likely to click on.

So, there you have it, some simple tips that I have used to see good results and I hope they benefit you too. Good luck in your adsense adventures.

Be sure to use this free adsense tool that can help you to create websites easily that are also optimized with adsense and affiliate income sources. It is 100% free so why not try it out and see for yourself as it can save you lots of time creating a site. Click here to get it and take your adsense and affiliate revenue to next level.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FREE Adsense Tool

If you are new to adsense or are struggling then I highly recommend you try out this free tool as it could be of great benefit. Hey, its free so why not at least try it out - Click here to get it.

This free software program will allow you to add content with adsense automatically added in and it can also add in affiliate code too. It is a great site builder that is easy and fast to use. It can even get articles for you from article directories and add them to your site automatically. Also it has many other features that make it very search engine friendly so make sure you use it. Did I mention it was FREE! Click here to get it.