Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vital Tips to Explode Your Adsense Income

So you’ve eagerly decided to join the adsense game in your pursuit of online business success. However for many the process of making money from adsense is not as simple as they may have thought. Many struggle with getting their click through rates up, while others have very low earnings per click. Here some crucial tips to turning your adsense woes into adsense glory:

Tip #1: Use all the ads that you are allowed to

This is often overlooked by so many adsense publishers because they think that if they put too many ads it will turn people off. This is not true because in most adsense programs you are only allowed to put adsense on content rich pages.

So if you have enough content, which you should since you are running a website that is supposed to inform people, then you can sprinkle your ads here and there and make it look very natural.

Tip #2: Make your ads look less like ads

People that visit your site are all too familiar with advertising and know very well that you are more than likely going to throw some ads on them while they are on your site. In fact, they expect it! Google and Yahoo both have systems in place to adjust the colors, borders and backgrounds of your ads. That should be a hint to you that they want you to adjust your ad detail to at least blend in to your site.

Make sure though that you review terms and conditions of these adsense programs and that you fully comply with them. One of the things you absolutely cannot do is encourage your visitors to click ads. So try different color combinations that fit with your site.

Tip #3: Make sure your ads are on topic and relevant

Often you will see ads on a site page that is completely unrelated to what that page is about. This is primarily due to either a lack of content or your page is covering way too many topics and is not targeted.

Do your keyword research and have a purpose for each adsense page. If your pages are content rich and targeted on a keyword that has enough adwords advertisers then you should get highly relevant ads that visitors are much more likely to click on.

So, there you have it, some simple tips that I have used to see good results and I hope they benefit you too. Good luck in your adsense adventures.

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