Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Best Health, Fitness And Beauty Affiliate Programs Network

The health and fitness niche is huge and tons of money is being made by affiliates promoting these products. However not all affiliate programs are created equal and you need to pick the ones that have great products and high converting sales pages. is one of the best health related affiliate networks online.

They offer a wide range of the hottest products in the health and fitness industry. Also they give very generous commissions up to 60% and many of the products also give recurring commissions for residual income potential. Some of the product categories including acne, weight loss, sexual health and enhancement, tooth whitening, anti aging skin care products, colon cleansing and much more.

They also release new products on a regular basis which is great since tons of money is made on new product launches. Another great benefit of this affiliate network is that refunds are absorbed by the merchant so once you have made a sale you will get paid unlike other popular affiliate networks like Clickbank where if a refund is requested you lose your commission. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

How To Generate High Adsense Click Through Rates

Adsense can an awesome way to make money online however most publishers fail to maximize their potential revenue from this great program. The best way to increase your income with adsense is to boost click through rates, do not bother chasing high paying clicks as it usually does not work and on average you should expect to make 15 to 20 cents per click. Here are 3 simple things you can do to boost ctr's quickly:

1. Put ads above the fold - Placing ads in this area is important because this is the part of the page that gets noticed first when the page loads.

2. Place ads towards the center of the page - The center of the page has been researched to be a focal point with most visitors so placing ads close to the center will get them noticed more and thus should generate more click.

3. Use more ads if you can - If you have a lot of text content on a page then be sure to add more ad units, you are allowed up to 3 ad units and 2 link units so use them all if you can as long as there is enough content. If you really want to make significant money with adsense then you need to learn from Michael Cheney's Adsense Videos. You will learn how to make over $10k a month from just adsense alone. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Penny Stock Investing Tips

The stock market can offer a great opportunity to build wealth. Unfortunately most investing methods are slow and are not ideal to make money fast. However if you learn how to successfully invest in penny stocks then the returns can be both significant and quick. The challenge with penny stocks is that they are highly volatile and difficult to track without the use of specialized software.

This is why the Doubling Stocks system is ideal to use if you intend to get started in this type of investing. This system uses a unique and proprietary software program that simultaneously monitors thousands of small cap stocks and uses sophisticated pattern identification to determine whether a stock is likely to increase dramatically within a few days so that you can invest and sell quickly to make up to 5 times your initial investment.

The software program can identify distinct trading patterns from a range of 6578 held in its database to determine if a stock has a high probability of jumping in price. The picks are not always perfect but do have a long term record of success so do not give up if the first few are not too successful as you will probably make it back in future trades. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best Autoresponder Services Review

It is no secret that having a list of names and e-mails that you can send marketing messages to regularly is critical in helping to increase sales and profits. Using a quality autoresponder service is the key to managing successful e-mail marketing campaigns. There are many autoresponder services out there but only a few are worth using for the long term. Here are a couple we believe are the best:

Recommendation #1: Aweber

This service is used by a large number of top internet marketers and it is proven to be reliable. You get an unlimited number of autoresponder campaigns to create and also an unlimited number of messages to add to each campaign. In addition you can easily customize the look and feel of the form you are using to get subscribers. Also you get spam filter protection that tests each message you compose and will alert you if your message appears spammy in nature and will also let you know how to fix it so that your messages get high deliverability rates. Click here to learn more.

Recommendation #2: GetResponse

This is another very high quality service that is used by many internet marketers. You also get unlimited campaigns and messages with this service. There is also advanced tracking features that will let you track open rates and message link click through rates so you can fine tune your campaigns to produce the most sales. It is easy to use even for those that have little to no technical knowledge about html or programming. Click here to learn more.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Link Popularity Tips

It is no secret that having more quality links pointing into your site will help to improve its ranking in the search engines. Here are a few tips to help build the link popularity levels of your site.

Tip 1: Write and Distribute articles

Article marketing is a proven way to increase the ranking of your site as well as build credibility and establish your site as an authority in its niche. All you need to do is write a good quality article around 500 to 700 words and submit it to top article directories. You can use an article directory submission service like Article Marketer if you want to save time submitting by hand.

Tip 2: Submit to directories

There are many link directories online that you can submit to however submitting manually can be tedious which is why you should use some type of directory submission service.

Tip 3: Improve the content of your site

The better the content is on your site, the more people will link to it over time. Also do not forget the power of word of mouth advertising as it is still the most powerful form of advertising. If you create a really great site, the word will spread and people will visit your site even if you have little to no search engine presence.
Content really is king so work hard to create the best possible content.

Mastering the search engine game can be tough. SEO Elite is a proven system that can help you learn how to get and maintain top search engine rankings. Click here to learn more and take your online income to the next level.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Top Pay Per Click Advertising Strategies

Using pay per click advertising can be a very profitable way to increase sales of your products and services. Even if you are an affiliate, quality and targeted ppc traffic can generate significant revenue if you know what you are doing. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using ppc advertising:

Tip 1: Track Conversions

If you use major ppc providers like Google adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing then you can track conversions for keywords by installing some code on the 'Thank You' pages your visitors see after they make payment. The keywords that convert well are critical to know as you should consider raising bids to get as much traffic as possible so as to make the most sales and profit.

Tip 2: Split Test Different Ads

You will find that certain ads get much higher click through rates than others so be sure to have at least 2 ads being split test for each ad group. The headline of the ad should be targeted and very relevant to the keywords you are bidding on in order to get the most clicks.

Tip 3: Focus On At Least A 100% ROI

You want to make at least twice the amount you spend on ads. If you are an affiliate then make sure the products you are promoting pay well, at least $20 and above per sale. Pay per click advertising can be a difficult game to master. You need all the help you can get which is why the Google Assassin system is ideal. Click here to learn how to take your ppc efforts to the next level.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Affiliate Conspiracy Review

Official Site: Affiliate Conspiracy

This internet marketing product is about how to use pay per click advertising with Google adwords to make money. Unfortunately very few adwords advertisers ever make big money and this system will expose the secrets that those that are successful with ppc have in common. Affiliate marketing is probably one the best ways for newbie internet marketers to make money.

The number of affiliate programs continues to grow and so do the number of people purchasing products online thus now is a great time to get in to affiliate marketing and this system will show you effective techniques on how to use adwords to make significant money online. Eric also reveals 3 of his profitable niches in detail which you can virtually copy which is a huge bonus and can save you significant time and money testing niches and their profitability.

This system is not a scam however you do still need to take action on the methods discussed in the program. The methods about how to generate cheap clicks that are still targeted can be quite effective since the return on investment can be very high. The methods discussed are legitimate and will stand the test of time. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is SEO Worth It?

Many people decide not to optimize their sites because they think there is too much competition and that it is not worth the time. It is probably not ideal to spend all your time just focusing on search engine optimization but if you know what you are doing, SEO can make a difference.

It is important to look at seo as a long term process. Focus on paid advertising methods such as pay per click advertising to generate immediate traffic. Optimizing a website is not difficult. Here are a few simple steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Perform proper keyword research

It is important to come up with a list of relevant and well searched keywords in your niche. Initially pick one keyword to optimize your main page on your site for. Do not worry about competition, just make sure it is a high volume term.

Step 2: Add the keyword to the title and description meta tags

Step 3: Add the keyword in an H1 header tag in the body of your main page

Step 4: Make sure your site has lots of unique text content that is relevant to the keyword and useful for your visitors. Avoid spam as it will usually result in your site either getting penalized or delisted.

Step 5: Write a 500 - 700 word article and add the main keyword in the anchor text in the author bio box. Submit this article to and In addition you can use an article submission service if you want to submit to many article directories and save time.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 with other pages on your site targeting various other keywords

These are simple steps that are proven to work but it will take time so have patience and do these step regularly and consistently to get the best results. While there are no guarantees of top ranking, seo can still be very rewarding and is still worth pursuing. Do you want to gain an unfair advantage in the search engine optimization game? Try SEO Elite to help you master search engine optimization and outrank all your competitors quickly and easily. Click here to learn more.