Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Make Money With Surveys

We feel that this blog would not be complete without at least touching on this subject as it seems to be something that many people consider when they come online in order to make money. The process simply involves filling out surveys and doing focus groups and you get compensated for that. Do not expect to make a fortune doing this and also the location you live and your age and other personal characteristics will influence how many surveys you receive and how much money you can earn.

There are many companies that want market research data to evaluate new products and services and they are willing to pay people either cash or a reward of some sort to people in exchange for taking the time to offer their honest opinions. What are some examples of companies such as this, here is a small list below:

20/20 Research
Alan Newman Research
American Consumer Opinion

Visit the following site for a comprehensive list - http://www.mymommybiz.com/paidsurveys/index.html

It is best to sign up with as many companies as possible and make sure you always give your honest opinion. This can be a great way to make a few hundred a month so if you are looking for a little extra cash then give it a try. Learn how to make the most money with surveys - click here.

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