Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Success Mindset - Develop A Millionaire Mentality For Unlimited Financial Abundance

So you really want to make big money on the internet? The real key to your success lies on your mind and in the way you think. It has often been said that your attitude will determine your altitude. The first step is to develop the mindset of a millionaire. The interesting thing is that people that are broke tend to think alike and the opposite also holds true.

Those that become self made millionaires also think very much the same. Remember that success leaves clues so by studying those that have already made a fortune we can learn a lot. Making money online is not based on luck. If you define luck as 'laboring under controlled knowledge' then yes, perhaps there is some 'luck' involved.

Do not fall into the trap of the way the masses think. Break away and discover a whole new world of opportunities and wonder. A world where anything you think of no matter how big it is seems possible and at times almost inevitable. This is what life really is all about. Living a life of no limits is the way things were really meant to be so do not let anyone deceive you into thinking that you have to settle for less.

Here are some things those that have attained great financial success have in common and that you can follow too to help you attain the level of financial abundance you desire:

Millionaire Mentality Tip 1: Destroy Fear of Failure

Fear is what keeps many people from even pursuing a business. They fear losing money or not succeeding even though they may have given it everything they had. What you must remember is that the only real failure is not trying at all so no matter how many times you get knocked down, dust yourself up, learn whatever you can, make a new plan and go for it.

In time you are bound to hit a winning strategy and in the business world it only takes one winning approach to open the massive floodgates of financial abundance. So what if you fail 107 times in a row, the 108th attempt may work and that can make all the difference. Instead of fearing failure learn to even enjoy it as it means you are that much closer to that one winning approach.

Millionaire Mentality Tip 2: Develop Clear Written Goals

This is a step that is often overlooked by even the most determined individuals. Yes, we all want to make more money but what does that really mean to you? You need to decide on a specific number, is it ten thousand a month you are after or is it two thousand? The most important step is perhaps deciding why you want the money.

You must come up with compelling reasons why you must make that amount and then write it down. There is magic in writing down your dreams and goals so just do it and stop questioning it. In fact do it right now. Now you need to set a date 3 months, 6 months and then 12 months from now and put the amount of money you want to make beside those dates along with the reasons.

Your reasons will be the fuel that will drive to do what it takes to make these goals a reality. Now you must review these goals daily at least once a day. All it takes is a glance at them, it may not even take more than two or three minutes but the idea is that you are making your mind aware of these new targets.

In essence, you are programming your mind to direct you towards your financial goals each time you review them so this is essential to your long term success so do it at least once a day.

Millionaire Mentality Tip 3: Control Your Environment

Remember that we are constantly being bombarded by messages from the media in the television and newspapers. All these messages have their effect on your mind and in the direction you are heading in your life. You need to spend more time putting good stuff into your head that will keep you motivated and inspired to chase your financial goals.

This is why reviewing your financial goals and dreams is important because it helps to increase the amount of good stuff your brain gets fed daily. Also consider reading a lot of self improvement books and tapes. Listen to a tape by Tony Robbins, who is a very well renown self help expert, while driving to work every now and then. Read more books on self development as they will have a positive impact on your financial future also.

Financial success really is more about your attitude than anything else. Think like a winner and in time you will become one. Now that you have a basic understanding of the mentality of success, the only thing missing is a real winning approach to making money online that you can apply right away.

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