Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adsense Colors

There are many conflicting thoughts about what colors work best for adsense purposes and to maximize click through rates. One of the best color strategies is to simply blend in the link colors on your ads with the main links on the rest of your site. Try to get the link sizes the same too if you can. The better your ads blend in with the rest of your site the greater the chance they will get noticed and thus get clicked on by targeted visitors.

The exact color of the ads may not be as important as the fact that they blend in. So if the links on your site are dark green then go with the same for the adsense ad title color. Also it is usually a good idea to make the url color the same as the body text of the ads as you want people to notice the ad title which is designed to get clicks.

Some sites stray from the standard black text color for content so if your text color is something else for your article text then you should also make the ad descriptions the same color too for the purposes of blending in with the rest of your site. Also pay attention to the background color of your ads. If your ads are located in a section where the background color is not white then you should change the background of your ads to match the same background color of the location that they are in.

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