Friday, November 30, 2007

Adsense Optimization Tips - Earn More Income With Adsense

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Adsense is a powerful tool to help you earn income on the internet and it is also one of the easiest ways to make money online. However it does require that you own one or a handful of sites that receive high traffic. If you are a total newbie to making money online then it is a very good idea to learn search engine optimization to help you create sites that rank well and get free traffic. It is not rocket science and it does work if you do it properly and follow the rules of the search engines. Click here for one of my previous posts on search engine optimization.

Now once you have a site that is getting good levels of traffic then it is simply a matter of adding your adsense in an optimal manner to get the best click through rates. Here are some tips to help you create well optimized adsense sites.

Get Rid Of Borders

Borders on your adsense ads cause people to ignore them subconsciously so get rid of them. You want people to notice your ads and if they are relevant they will click on them.

Place Adsense Above The Fold

It is important to place adsense ads above the fold of your site. This is the part of your site that can be seen without scrolling down. At least have a 336x280 ad unit above the fold on your web pages. Also remember to only put ads in content rich pages like article pages and the more content you have the more ads you should place.

Place Adsense Towards The Center Of The Page

The center of the page is where most people's eyes go to first and that is where people tend to focus on a website especially when their eyes are tired. So by putting ads there they will get noticed much more.

Use The Right Link Colors

Link colors are very important to maximize your click through rates so you need to make sure that you use link colors that match the main links on your site. This will help to blend the ads in better with your content and they will get noticed more. Also make the url color black or grey as this will make the ad headlines stand out more. This will also boost click through rates because the ad headlines are generally very catchy so they attract a lot more clicks than the site url.

Make Sure Your Ads Are Relevant

The first step in getting relevant ads is to ensure that you are in a niche that has plenty of adwords competition. The heavier the competition the better the ad relevancy will be and also you may get a higher pay per click since the average bids will be higher. However do not expect several dollars a click as that is very rare and is not worth chasing. Instead optimize your site for adsense to get higher click through rates which will lead to more clicks and more income.

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