Sunday, April 13, 2008

Motivational Tips - How To Stay Focused

In order to accomplish anything significant requires focus and commitment. Often we know what we need to do but fail in executing what we know and thus do not get the results we are capable of achieving. We need to look at the source of what causes us to do the things we do. After much analysis into this subject I have come to the conclusion that the root cause of all actions are thoughts.

A thought is the first thing that has to occur before you do anything. If you can learn to monitor and control your thoughts, you now have great power over your life and can do almost anything. However it is important to recognize the difference between a distracting thought and a thought that serves you and improves your life.

This is where sitting down and setting goals for every area of your life including your finances and business goals comes in. In addition you need to develop a daily action plan that moves you closer towards achieving those goals. If a thought enters your mind that compromises your ability to take action towards moving towards your goals then you need to simply replace that thought with one that keeps you focused and on target.

It is not a simple task learning to control the thoughts that enter your mind however it is not impossible either. Carefully monitor the thoughts that enter your mind and block out distracting thoughts while taking action on empowering thoughts.

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