Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Useful Approach To Clickbank Marketing

Selling affiliate products is becoming a more popular way to make money on the internet. The reason for this is pretty obvious as you do not need the money or expertise to create your own product. Becoming an affiliate marketer is often the best option for newbie internet marketers as you have the potential to generate income fast which is important when you are starting out and have little money to spend on advertising and other business expenses.

Marketing digital products on the internet can be extremely profitable and one of the most popular digital affiliate network is Clickbank. It is free to join and does not require that you have a website of your own which is ideal for new internet marketers whereas many other affiliate networks are much more strict regarding the affiliate partners they choose.

Combining Clickbank products with pay per click advertising can be a fast way to generate increased affiliate profits provided you know what you are doing. The key with pay per click is to remember that not all keywords are created equal. You need to select your keywords very carefully. One of the advantages to Clickbank products is that more often than not you can bid on the product name since it is not usually trademarked and the vendors usually do not mind if you do.

So what you need to do is select a few popular and proven Clickbank products and then setup a simple review page (avoid hype as much as possible) and then setup a Google adwords campaign targeting only product name based keywords. Do not forget to use exact matched and phrase matched keywords too. Do not expect too many clicks, however do expect to pay up to 50 to 75 cents a click. Remember that these are highly targeted clicks that can convert at rates of 10 percent or higher so even if you pay a lot for each click your campaigns can still be very profitable. Try this strategy and do not rush, you are better off getting rich slowly than going broke fast.

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