Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How To Add Affiliate Links To A Website

The first thing to remember with affiliate links on your site is that they need to be relevant to the topic of your site. In order for the traffic on your site to convert into sales the affiliate products must be closely related to what the visitors on your site are interested in. Many sites flood their pages with advertising and this can be a problem as it tends to turn off a lot of visitors and they will leave and not come back.

Make sure that the content is the primary focus of your website and advertising should be integrated sparsely. However there are certain ways to add advertising pitches that can increase conversion rates. For instance if you have an article, then at the bottom of the article you can add a non biased pitch about an affiliate product or service.

Avoid hype as much as possible as this will make your visitors trust the message much less. You want to sound like an unbiased third party, you may even be a little critical or even have a slight negative tone towards some of the affiliate product you recommend. Also make sure the products you promote are genuinely useful so do your research thoroughly when it comes to selecting affiliate products. In addition you may want to consider cloaking your affiliate urls, this will help to prevent commission thieves especially for products being sold in places like Clickbank.

Banners can be effective as long as they are text rich and not just a bunch of pictures. People seem to subconsciously ignore most banners so use banners that have catchy text messages and attractive descriptions. Another idea can be to add affiliate advertising to a page using an adsense style format. However if you do use this format then make sure the page does not have any adsense on it otherwise it may be violating the terms and conditions of the adsense program.

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