Friday, April 18, 2008

A Free And Effective Marketing Technique

Many people have heard that article marketing can be an effective way to sell products however few people actually do it. Consider the following article marketing strategy:

Step 1: Write a useful article around 500 to 700 words on a topic related to the subject of your site

Step 2: In the author bio box, add one link back to your site and one link to a review page for a product either your own or an affiliate product.

Step 3: Submit that article to

Step 4: Monitor the number of views and clicks you get from that article.

You will find that certain niches get many more views and clicks than others so experiment in new niches if the current niche you are in is not sending much traffic from Ezinearticles. This strategy can have very high conversion rates because the traffic being sent to your site is already warm and if you send them to an affiliate page from your site then they are very qualified and very likely to buy so it does not take tons of clicks to make sales.

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