Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Top 3 SEO Tips

Search engine optimization can be very challenging but also very rewarding. It is important to have a long term view when considering seo strategies for your site. Think of it as a continuous process that lasts as long as your site is up. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when doing search engine optimization:

Tip 1: Content is King

You have probably heard this one before but it is absolutely true. People visit your site to view the content, they do not really care about the design or how fancy your site looks. Most people visit websites to get some sort of free information so make sure that you are creating great free content that people will appreciate and hopefully link back to you. These organic links will help your site rise in the search engine rankings.

Tip 2: Develop meaningful link partnerships

Do not create a links directory with thousands of links in it. Instead find a few high quality related sites in your niche and focus on developing partnerships with them. If your site is also of high quality then there is a good chance you can build some sort of reciprocal link relationship. Quality is more important than quantity so make sure your reciprocal linking campaign are built on getting fewer but higher quality links.

Tip 3: Update frequently

Sites such as blogs tend to rank very well in the search engines and the main reason may be that they usually contain frequently updated content. Be sure to add content to your site regularly and make sure it is original and unique. The search engines are very good at detecting duplicated content so do not always put up syndicated content from article directories. You can add articles once in a while but do not do it too often. You want your site to be as original as possible. Uniqueness is a key factor in long term success with search engine rankings.

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