Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How To Create High Converting Websites

There are many websites that receive many visitors yet the income generated from those sites is not nearly as much as it could be. Here are some tips that can help your website to generate more revenue:

Tip 1: Add a free newsletter

By creating a newsletter that provides visitors with valuable information you are able to collect potential future product buyers. Sometimes it can take several contacts before a sale can be made and e-mail can be an effective way to make those contacts. You will need an autoresponder to create your newsletter series.

Tip 2: Target buyers in your SEO and ad campaigns

When selecting keywords to optimize your site for you need to make sure that the visitors are also good potential buyers. This is especially important for pay per click campaigns so make sure that the keywords you choose are targeting buyers. For instance, you should bid on terms that have the word 'buy' or 'order' in it. If possible bid on the product name as long as this does not infringe on the merchants rules if you are an affiliate.

Tip 3: Create product review pages

If you are an affiliate then creating a review based site can be an effective way to increase sales conversions as the visitors on your site are looking for specific products. This can be an effective strategy with Clickbank products and then using adwords to bid on product name based keywords. Expect to pay up to fifty to seventy five cents a click but your campaigns could still turn out to be profitable if you track them closely.

Tip 4: Add adsense

Adsense is a no brainer way to make money from a website. A simple strategy is to add an ad unit to the top center of your page and then another ad unit at the bottom of the page. You can also add an ad unit in the middle of the page blended in with the content as long as there is enough content. Do not squeeze your content too much otherwise this makes your page look bad and can turn visitors off. The beauty of adsense is that you get to make money without having to sell anything so be sure to take advantage of it if possible.

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