Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reciprocal Linking Strategies

Gaining reciprocal links from other websites can be an effective way to increase your search engine rankings however you do need to be careful how you do this. Many of the major search engine dislike sites that have thousands of links in their links directory. It may be a better strategy to pick a few sites that are related to yours and that are of high quality and then requesting an exchange with them.

Keeping the number of reciprocal links under 50 may be the best option. Remember that if you really want to increase your site's link popularity then focus on creating better content and fresh content. When you request for a reciprocal link exchange from another site be sure to already add their link in your websites link directory and ask them if the format you used is fine. Also try to mention something you genuinely liked about their site as this will increase the odds of getting a link from them.

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