Sunday, March 2, 2008

Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Many people that wish to make money on the internet do not have the time and money to create their own product. Also they do not have the expertise to create a high caliber product that can dominate in its own niche. However that is alright because instead of competing with the corporate giants out there you can instead partner up with them and receive commissions in the form of affiliate revenue.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is fast to start since you do not need to create your own product and so you save both time and money. Of course it may be best at some point in your internet marketing career as you gain more experience and have greater cash flow to develop a fantastic product of your own but that can be done later. There are many places you can go to in order to find affiliate programs. Clickbank is a popular first resort for most new internet marketers.

The reason for this is that Clickbank sells only digital products and remember that many people today are willing to pay for quality informational products. Knowledge is power so information is becoming a hot product and the internet offers a perfect gateway to sell such products. Also since the product is usually received almost instantly after payment there is no lag time or waiting period which serves as greater incentive for people to buy such products.

Pay per lead affiliate programs can also be very profitable to market as they do not require that you sell any particular products but just simply send quality leads. Mortgage, credit card, insurance and many other financial related companies tend to offer such programs and a good source to find them can be Commission Junction and Linkshare. Make sure that your website does look good and professional before you apply otherwise you will get rejected.

An effective strategy to generate traffic to your sites can be to use article marketing. This is particularly important for those that have little money to spend on paid advertising. Simply write a good article on the topic of your niche and submit it to article directories like Ezinearticles or Articledashboard. The articles can send you traffic both from the links in the articles back to your sites and also long term from potential improvements in search engine rankings due to increased link popularity.

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