Friday, October 12, 2007

Highest Paying Adsense Keywords – Discover the Reality behind High Paying Adsense Keywords

The highest paying adsense keywords are also the most difficult to get. The reason for this is that high paying adsense bidders are rare and also they are very reluctant to place ads on the content network. A better approach would be to focus on getting higher click through rates to make more money with adsense.

So, instead of looking for a few high paying clicks you are looking for a lot of clicks by improving your adsense click through rates. There are a few ways to improve your adsense click through rate. The first one is by changing the link color of your ads to match the link color of your site. This will help to blend the ads better into the look and feel of your site.

Also it is suggested that you avoid the banner adsense format as it usually results in very low click through rates due to many people just ignoring anything banner sized as it usually represents an ad. Another good adsense tip is to add the adsense ad units directly into your content so if you have an article, you can place an adsense unit right after the title of your article and one in the middle. Format your article so that the content wraps around your ads. Here is some code that can help you do this:

<table cellspadding="0" align="left" border="0" cellspacing="0" width="400">


<td width="400">

<div align="left">
***Adsense Ad Unit Code***





I suggest you rotate the alignment from right to left and vary the positioning as much as possible as this will help to keep your regular visitors noticing your ads and not getting used to a certain position. Also to get the highest paying ads, you need to focus on niches that have a significant amount of advertisers such as the 'mortgage' niche and such. The large advertiser competition will meant the average bids are fairly high and so you will make the most per click. So, focus on improving your click through rates and picking high advertiser competition niches to make the most money from adsense. If you really want to make significant money with adsense then you need to learn from Michael Cheney's Adsense Videos. You will learn how to make over $10k a month from just adsense alone without having to resort to black hat techniques that can get your sites and adsense account banned. Click here to learn more.

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