Monday, October 8, 2007

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Success - Learn how to Succeed with Clickbank

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Clickbank is one of the most popular online affiliate networks and for good reason. Clickbank affiliate marketing can be highly profitable but you must know what you are doing. Clickbank focuses on digital products such as e-books and software. The advantage of using Clickbank is that they offer very high commissions, often as high as 75%.

In addition, many vendors offer even more if you can drive large amounts of sales for them. There are many different kinds of products you can promote with Clickbank. The products are organized into categories. The most competitive categories are 'Marketing and Ads' and 'Health and fitness'. Unless you already have well established sites in these categories then you may be wise to promote other lower competition products. Look for products that have a gravity below 30. The gravity of a product on Clickbank is a representation of the number of affiliates promoting that product.

Pick a handful of low competition products and then you need to decide how you are going to market them. If you have a budget for pay per click then this is the strategy you may want to employ. Set up your pay per click campaigns and bid only on the product name. The reason for this is that people that type in the product name in the search engines are highly targeted and are much more likely to buy than any other kind of searcher.

Also you may want to keep a close eye on new and upcoming products. You can sort the products in each category and search through the new products and set up campaigns for these, again only targeting the product name. The great thing about this is that if a product starts to get popular then you can often get clicks extremely cheap since you are one the first bidding on it.

Now if you are totally broke and do not have any cash even for pay per click, you can still make money with Clickbank. It may take a bit longer but you can make it work. What you need to do is create a blog, you can use for a free blog. Make posts on your blog reviewing the products on Clickbank. Next you need to write an article about the topic of some of the products you are promoting and at the author bio box include a link that sends people directly to your blog about that particular product.

Make sure your articles are between 500 and 750 words and also make sure your title is keyword rich meaning it starts with a well searched keyword and then expand the title to make it attract clicks. Submit your article to as many article directories as you can, also try to target your blog for a well searched keyword too and include this keyword in the anchor text of your author bio so you can get keyword anchor text backlinks which will help you with search engine rankings. The bottom line is that not having money is no longer an excuse for not being able to make money online. Article marketing is incredibly powerful and I urge you to look into it further if you really are on a very tight budget.

As you make more money, you can then move into paid advertising as it offers great leverage and is really the best way to make the biggest money since you can get traffic so much faster but you have to have money that you can afford to lose and play around with until you find winning campaigns.

Quit Your Day Job Fast Guaranteed
Discover several legitimate ways to make big money online. Click here to learn more.


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