Sunday, September 16, 2007

Silomatic Review

Silomatic is yet another of the search engine friendly website builders recently released. The big question is whether or not it is worth it to buy the Silomatic seo optimized site building software program? Well, if you look at the official site, click here to see, you will instantly see the usual hype that is associated with almost all of these programs that claim to help you make money from the internet.

Is the hyper over this program justified or is it just another online money making scam? Well, one of the reasons I decided to try this program is because a friend of mine had actually bought it himself and was actually quite impressed with how fast he could put a site together and he is also not much of an expert with html or anything so I figured there may be something to it so I decided to try it.

I built a few sites with this seo optimized website builder and they were quite simple to construct. Also the search engine optimized pages are definitely important as they will rank better in the search engines as time passes.

The Silomatic site builder is not a scam? It is a real program that works very smoothly and the whole 'silo' concept doe make good sense. Will you make a fortune overnight with this program from your websites. Obviously not! Please stop looking for overnight riches because they are simply scams. If you use this program diligently and build a good number of sites, over time you have a great chance at seeing lots of traffic from the search engines. Learn more about the Silomatic, click here.

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