Tuesday, September 25, 2007

High Performance Affiliate Marketing Review

This program was created by Jeremy Palmer, an affiliate marketer that made over $1.4 million last year only using affiliate marketing and ppc.

He is a Google adwords professional, and also a commission junction performer. In his ebook you will learn:

- how to find the most profitable programs and services to promote
- find undiscovered niche markets with little or no competition
- multiply the size of your keyword list quickly and easily
- create great landing pages that convert
- pay less money for more traffic
- much more...

The book itself is very useful and covers many practical areas about how to make money using affiliate programs. It is definitely worth checking out.

Unfortunately Jeremy has discontinued the sale of this e-book since it does require a commitment on his part to maintain. A similar and possibly even better program is Affiliate Elite. Click here to learn more.

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